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  • Submitted: Jan 06 2019 09:55 AM
  • Last Updated: Jan 11 2019 11:56 PM
  • File Size: 19.25KB
  • Views: 973
  • Downloads: 83
  • System: Sinclair
  • Original Author(s): Matthew Smith
  • Third Party Author(s): Ian Rushforth

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  • 06 Jan 2019 Download Jet Set Willy - The Mr Noseybonk Edition

Download Jet Set Willy - The Mr Noseybonk Edition

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For this special version of Matthew Smith's classic ZX Spectrum game 'Jet Set Willy', the Retro Factor has been doubled by the introduction of Mr Noseybonk - a recurring* character from the early 1980's BBC children's TV show 'Jigsaw' - as the main protagonist.


(* By 'recurring' I mean that he made regular appearances in the programme - but also that he formed the basis of recurring nightmares for a whole generation of British children!)


The title screen music for the project is an adaptation of the theme tune from 'Jigsaw', whilst Noseybonk's theme ('A Hippo Called Hubert' by Joe Griffiths) is collectively represented by the in-game music and the coda that plays during the 'Game Over' sequence.


My thanks go to Richard Hallas for inspiring the concept for this project during an email exchange last year, and for his 'A Miner Triad' document (http://hallas.net/Software/music.htm) with its very useful tone chart and general advice on scoring music for the 'Jet Set Willy' game engine. I would also like to thank Andy Ford (administrator of the host site jswmm.co.uk) for his assistance with compiling the BASIC loader, and Richard Dymond for his invaluable 'Jet Set Willy' disassembly (hexadecimal format available at http://skoolkid.gith...ly/index.html).


Enjoy - and don't have nightmares!!!
Ian Rushforth


UPDATE: One week after first releasing this game as 'Jet Set Willy - The Mr Noseybonk Version', a bug came to light which caused corruption of the scrolling message on the Title Screen, and which also caused ropes to behave in strange ways during play. I have corrected this error (caused by a single errant byte), and reissued the game as 'Jet Set Willy - The Mr Noseybonk Edition' (to distinguish it from the first, erroneous release). I also took the opportunity to address a couple of bugs that were present in the original game, namely that the item in the Swimming Pool was automatically collected upon entry (so you never got the opportunity to see it), and one of the items in the Conservatory Roof couldn't be collected without sacrificing a life. It is now possible to complete the game without loss of life.


FURTHER UPDATE: Sinclair ZX Vega support files added to the download folder.


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