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  • Submitted: May 23 2019 12:24 AM
  • Last Updated: Nov 17 2019 12:58 AM
  • File Size: 40.27KB
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  • System: Sinclair
  • Original Author(s): Matthew Smith
  • Third Party Author(s): Paul Rhodes, Daniel Gromann

Previous Versions

  • 23 May 2019 Download Jet Set Willy - The Paul Rhodes' editor version

Download Jet Set Willy - The Paul Rhodes' editor version

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JetSet Willy Editor by Paul Rhodes (Spectrum Electronics, 1984) was accompanied by two sample rooms: "The Space Station" (47) and an untitled one (61). They were on the tape after the JetSet Editor program and could be loaded into the editor using an option on the main menu.


A special version of JSW was created when the individual page of this variant was created onJSW Central, which makes these two rooms accessible and necessary to visit to complete the game, without introducing any changes (apart from a custom loading screen) beyond the minimum necessary to accomplish this goal and make the game completable.


Paul Rhodes suggested in the instructions accompanying JetSet Willy Editor that the upwards exit from "The Beach" (58) could be defined to lead to "The Space Station" (47). However, taking the unnamed Room 61 into account as well and its location to the left of "The Space Station", it seemed better to make "The Space Station" accessible from "Watch Tower" (50). Thanks to this arrangement, the player is able to drop down safely into "On the Roof" (18) from Room 61, which corresponds to an 'almost logical' layout (the only drawback being that the two rooms in space span the length of three rooms 'down here'; well, space travel can probably cause distortion in the space-time continuum ;-) ).


This version was created in the following way:


- A copy of JetSet Willy Editor downloaded from World of Spectrum was loaded into John Elliott's JSWED 2.3.7, which imported the "JSW" game from the editor.


- Two of the four official Software Projects POKEs were applied (#A4C7,0B and #EB47,00) to make the game completable (it was not necessary to apply the third POKE, which fixes the Banyan Tree, because the Tree is already fixed in Paul Rhodes' editor, or the fourth POKE, which fixes the faulty arrow in "The Attic", because both arrows are removed from "The Attic" in the editor).


- The data corresponding to "The Space Station" (47) was inserted at #EF00 - #EFFF.


- The data corresponding to the unnamed Room 61 was inserted at #FD00 - #FDFF.


- The new guardian sprites were inserted at #A700 - #AAFF.


- The new guardian classes (75 - 7b) were defined at #A3A8 - #A3DF.


All of the above data was copied from the sample rooms' data on a TAP file included in the JetSet Willy Editor ZIP.


- Three items were added to "The Space Station" in order to make it necessary for the player to visit this room.


- Four items were added to Room 61 in order to make it necessary for the player to visit this room.


- The upwards exit from "Watch Tower" (50) was set to "The Space Station" (47).


- The exits in the two new rooms were adjusted so that they are next to each other, the player can leave them dropping down to "On the Roof" (18) from Room 61 and cannot leave the playing area by exiting to a location which does not exist on the game's map.


- A custom loading screen was created using Claus Jahn's ZX-Paintbrush and various other tools. It was compressed using Andy Ford's Screen Compressor.


- A custom BASIC loader was created using Claus Jahn's ZX-Editor.


- The final game file was created using Claus Jahn's ZX-Blockeditor and saved in both TAP and TZX formats.


I did mean to make this ZIP available for download here ever since I created the individual page of this version of the game on JSW Central back in March 2018, but it slipped my mind - I've just remembered it was one of the things I planned to do. So here it is :).


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