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  • Submitted: May 23 2019 01:16 AM
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  • System: Sinclair
  • Original Author(s): Matthew Smith
  • Third Party Author(s): R. D. Foord

Previous Versions

  • 23 May 2019 Download Jet Set Willy - The R. D. Foord Software editor version

Download Jet Set Willy - The R. D. Foord Software editor version

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The R. D. Foord Software variant of "JSW" from 1985 is a "3-room test" for their Jet Set Willy Room Designer. The new rooms are: "The staircase." (28), "The little room." (33) and "Top staircase." (34). Rooms 28 and 34 are early revisions of their counterparts in "Dr. Jet Set Willy" (1986).


This version surfaced on the internet thanks to Steve Brown, who acquired the R. D. Foord Software tapes, transferred them to emulator format and uploaded to TZX Vault in March 2005.


The game is impossible to complete, because of three of the four bugs which make the original "JSW" incompletable:


1. It is impossible to climb the Banyan Tree (and reach the items in "Conservatory Roof") because of an Earth cell which stands in the way.


2. It is impossible to collect the rightmost item in "Conservatory Roof" because of the adjacent Fire cell.


3. A faulty arrow in "The Attic" corrupts the game.


The fourth problem present in the original "JSW" - an invisible, unreachable item in "First Landing" - does not affect the R. D. Foord Software version, as this room has been turned into "The staircase.", with the item there visible and possible to collect.


Once the game has been fixed by applying three of the four official Software Projects POKEs (56876,4; 59901,82 and 60231,0 or, respectively, #DE2C,04; #E9FD,52 and #EB47,00 in Hex), it becomes bed-completable, i.e. Willy can reach the bed and start the toilet run after having collected all items. During the toilet run, however, he gets killed by the horizontal guardian in "Top staircase." repeatedly, so the game is not toilet-completable.


A bug-fixed version of this variant of JSW was created when the individual page of this variant was created on JSW Central and it is now made available for download also here. The ZIP file of this download contains fixed, completable files of the game in TAP and TZX formats. The new code necessary to create them was written using John Elliott's JSWED 2.3.7 and tested in some experimental files. The final fixed files were then created using Claus Jahn's ZX-Blockeditor by applying some changes to a TZX file of the R. D. Foord Software version of "JSW" downloaded from World of Spectrum. After the changes had been applied, the file was saved in both TZX and TAP formats. Richard Dymond (SkoolKid)'s complete disassembly of "JSW" was very helpful in the process of writing the new code.


The following changes were applied:


1. Three of the official Software Projects POKEs (#DE2C,04; #E9FD,52 and #EB47,00).


2. The value of #89E7 and #89E8 was changed to #18 - #97, respectively, so that the conditional call from there is made to #9718 rather than #9584. The original code at #9584 - #9599 is now unused.


3. Additional code was inserted at #9718 - #9754 which makes the toilet run completable. The way Willy jumps over a guardian and a gap in the floor during the toilet run is probably a first in JSW games.


I did mean to make this ZIP available for download here ever since I created the individual page of this version of the game on JSW Central back in March 2018, but it slipped my mind - I've just remembered it was one of the things I planned to do. So here it is :).


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