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  • Submitted: Nov 16 2019 11:24 PM
  • Last Updated: Nov 17 2019 01:27 AM
  • File Size: 129.56KB
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  • System: Sinclair
  • Original Author(s): the DrUnKeN mAsTeR!!!
  • Third Party Author(s): Daniel Gromann

Download Bugfixed, completable version of "Still Stealin' "

- - - - -


"Still Stealin' " aka "Fahrenheit 2002" is a game by the DrUnKeN mAsTeR!!! (BaSe1 PrOdUcTiOnZ, 2002).


The last gamma-released revision of the game suffered from critical bugs which made the game impossible to complete properly. They have now been fixed and the game has been made toilet-completable.


The problems and the fixes:




The problem: There was no way to pass through the room "Oh! Got the brickies in again?" (101) starting at the bottom and moving upwards to exit to "A chance to put things right!" (098), because of the uppermost Fire cell, which did not allow the player to cross the passage where it sat from right to left. This made the game incompletable.


The fix: A Water cell was removed, which made passing that particular spot possible.


Technical solution: The value of the address #E51D in bank 3 was changed from #06 to #02.




The problem: After the game was made bed-completable with the modification of one byte described in point 1, it was not toilet-completable yet, because the code which should set the Game Mode to 3, showing Willy with his head inside the toilet and legs kicking wildly in the air, would not work. This was because the toilet had been moved from the original room 033 to room 100 "There's no place like home", but there was no corresponding change in the code which checks if Willy has reached the toilet.


The fix: The code was fixed to check for the correct room.


Technical solution: The value of the address #9588 in bank 0 was changed from #21 to #64.


No other changes were made to the original game file. The original game file and Readme are included in this ZIP package.


The game was modified using Claus Jahn's ZX-Blockeditor v. 2.4.3 after the proper values were figured out using John Elliott's JSWED v. 2.3.7 and SkoolKid's JSW disassembly. The bugfixed game was never loaded into JSWED. Therefore, it preserves the original Hacklevel 8 of the JSW128 game engine (which the current version of JSWED would have upgraded automatically had the game been loaded into the editor).


This bugfixed, toilet-completable version is released with the DrUnKeN mAsTeR!!!'s approval expressed in a message posted in the Contributor Lounge of this forum, where he wrote, "I give you the full blessing to bugfix the original games, and put them on JSW Central" (the message is only visible to those members who have Contributor status).




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