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  • Submitted: May 12 2017 03:21 PM
  • Last Updated: May 12 2017 03:21 PM
  • File Size: 1.35MB
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  • System: IBM PC/Windows
  • Original Author(s): Matthew Smith
  • Third Party Author(s): Andy Noble

Download Manic Miner PC

- - - - -


Manic Miner for the IBM PC range of machines by Andy Noble.


The download contains three versions as follows plus a small bonus too. All versions are complete and unmodified in any way (hence a .zip for each inside the main .zip) , they also include their original unmodified readme file, a requirement for distribution.


0.75 , This is one of the earliest ones available, it also includes some of the Blitz Basic source code too. Please note this version needs a 32bit operating system, it will not function on a 64bit machine.


0.79 , This is a slightly later version with a few bug-fixed applied. The good news is this will run on a 32bit or 64bit machine without any real issue as such.


1.51 , A later version, again this is like 0.75 and requires a 32bit Operating System to function.


The screenshots were taken using a 64bit OS using version 0.79. To play the 32bit versions you will either need a 32bit Operating System or perhaps an alternative solution:


1. DosBox would work quite well
2. If you are using WIndows7 Pro or Ultimate you will be able to obtain XP-Mode as a download from Microsoft. This is more or less a complete VM using 32bit XP and would be ideal
3. Another alternative would be to use something like VirtualBox or VirtualPC but with these you would have to supply your own OS such as XP / 2K / 98 / possibly MS-Dos


The bonus is the source data as well as some of the graphics and sound effects. Although these are present in one of the versions above, it seemed prudent to also split them out into a separate file for convenience too.


Given the speed of modern computers, running the game on "slow" or "boring" speed is ideal. On the main title page press F1 to get to the options page.

This game is released as FREEWARE and I except no responsibility for any
damage caused by using this programme.
The original game is © 1983 BUG-BYTE Ltd and SOFTWARE PROJECTS Ltd.
© 1997 Alchemist Research.


Please copy on to anybody you know providing you do not charge for the
privilege and this file accompanies the game.

The game was written over a 6 week period, on a night, after work.
It is written in 100% C using Watcom 10.6
The graphics where drawn with Deluxe Paint.


Right, lets get something straight. If you are looking for Manic Miner 97,
you are looking in the wrong place. You will not get any rendered intros,
rendered Willy's (Oo! Er!) or rendered anything. I have made the game in
it's original style. I like to think of it as a version of the game that
would have appeared in 1984 if such things as "256 colour displays" where
about. I am sick of downloading a game off the net, only to see some rendered
intro and no game. Lets get back to basics. Lets play some good, old
fashioned, playable games.


"Why have I done a PC version when the emulated version is perfect ?"
The answer is this. I just wanted to. I like to mess around with programming.
I am not very good at it, but I enjoy it. It's as simple as that.

Q E T U O = Left
W R Y I P = Right
Z X C V B N M , . / SPACE = Jump
A S D F G = Pause
H J K L = Music toggle


CTRL+F1-F5= Change Game Speed. F1=Fast/F5=Slow


ESCAPE = At any time will take you back to the title screen.
F10 = Will quit the programme.


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

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