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Creating a diagonal guardian

I thought I'd copy this across from a PM as it could be useful to a wider audience. :)   Try this. Call it every tick whilst Willy is in the room in question (either via the Patch Vector regime, or else insert a ‘special case’ check of the room n...

Building Speedlock for JSW / MM 48K Games

This is a guide on how to use a Speedlock loader with a JSW/MM 48K based game. Although you can save from Spin (for instance) as a SPL anyway this saves the *entire* code which is not necessary. :) Its quite straightforward to just save the game co...

Basic JSW / MM Loader with loading screen.

Requirements: 1. The game code itself2. A loading screen This simple Basic loader hides the loading header name which saves you having to set the ink colour the same as the paper and having a line dedicated for it. The reasons are simply:...