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For fans of Ultimate Manic Miner...

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Posted 04 February 2017 - 05:50 PM

... I strongly recommend that you play the room 'Eugene Lair' directly upon starting up the game. i.e. by setting Room 61 as the starting room - Willy should be positioned, via the Portal page in JSWED, at the bottom of the room above the 'EN' of the word 'EUGENE'.  (Make sure he starts off buried up to his neck in the two Cyan cells, rather than standing on those cells, or else the room may be uncompletable.)


This is how the author intended the room to be played, I believe - over on the Yahoo! group, Igor reported a bug: "I've found a bug, that I can't solve - but it doesn't harm the game. You will meet it in the EUGENE LAIR. > Skylabs turn into Droplets. When you will get to it you'll see it."  It doesn't harm the game in the sense of rendering it uncompletable, but I do believe it takes a certain element away from that room.


What is happening is that there are Droplet guardians (i.e. Skylabs that don't move sideways between 'incarnations') that are normally encountered in an earlier room of the game.  The effect of the Droplets patch, which John Elliott describes as 'experimental'*, is to permanently overwrite the horizontal offset that is applied to Skylabs (at #FF61 in the Skylab movement code).  Incidentally, I believe I have come up with a fix for that, which I shall report on later.


[*'Experimental' probably for this very reason, as well as the fact that they can sometimes be drawn with an erroneous initial sprite-frame.]


Anyway, if you load up the game with Willy placed directly into Eugene Lair, then you will bypass the corruption caused by the Droplets in the earlier room, and so you'll be able to play 'Eugene Lair' with the Skylabs (which look like explosions of lava) in full effect.  It's an awesome challenge - nowhere is safe!!  :o  :excl:  ;)

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 04:00 PM

I'm slightly confused by this so I'll try it later again, I do recall trying it at the time but did not quite see what was intended. :)

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 06:31 PM

It resulted in an IDS as Miner Willy fell through the floor and appeared at the top of the screen, the falling distance being too great to the first platform although he would of *just* missed the horizontal yellow toilet guardian by the looks of it. :) :unsure:

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