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[File] Manic Miner (Spectrum)

spectrum mm sinclair manic miner

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Posted 28 March 2017 - 07:20 PM

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File Name: Manic Miner (Spectrum)

File Submitter: Spider

File Submitted: 28 Mar 2017

File Category: Manic Miner [Originals]

System: Sinclair
Original Author(s): Matthew Smith


Manic Miner for the Sinclair Spectrum.


The download includes the following 'officially released' versions:

  • Bug Byte Ltd - The original first release
  • Software Projects - The 'later' original release
  • Ventamatic - Spanish language re-release
  • M.A.D - Mastertronic Added Dimension (Mastertronic £2.99 range) re-release


The 'Bug Byte' release is the most common one in circulation as far as I am able to tell. This includes both real physical tapes and emulator tape files themselves. Most pokes also appear to be based towards that version.


It should be noted that the Ventamatic and M.A.D re-release versions were based on the Software Projects version not the Bug Byte one! Pokes are slightly different between the two versions as some of the code is in a very slightly different place. Generally code above 33720 is identical whereas code below 33719 is not. The 'difference' is usually only a few bytes however.


There are also other small differences:


1. The Ventamatic version has an infinite lives cheat built into the basic loader, obtainable by pressing certain keys in the correct combination.


2. The loading screens are very slightly different between versions, please see this topic for specifics about that.


3. The scrolling message is different between the two versions, its obviously different again in the Ventamatic version as its translated. The M.A.D version message is identical to the Software Projects one as expected.


4. The graphics for some guardians are different. In particular "Amoebatrons Revenge" and "The Warehouse" use different graphics.


5. The "6031769" 'teleporter' is "typewriter" in the Software Projects version.


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