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[File] JetSet Willy 2 Plus (Amstrad)

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Posted 02 June 2017 - 12:05 PM

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File Name: JetSet Willy 2 Plus (Amstrad)

File Submitter: Spider

File Submitted: 02 Jun 2017

File Category: Jet Set Willy [Remakes]

System: Amstrad
Original Author(s): Matthew Smith, D.P.Rowson & S.Wetherill, Lee Tonks
Third Party Author(s): Andrew Cadley


JetSet Willy 2 + , an updated version of JSW1, MM and MM3 by Andrew Cadley.

Please note this disk image will only work on the 6128Plus machine as it uses some features that are not present on the conventional 6128 machine.

More colours per screen than the usual Amstrad versions are present, as these run in Mode1 which is typically limited to 4 colours out of a pool of 27. This version does not seem particularly hampered by this limitation despite it appearing to use Mode1, likely a feature of the Plus hardware. The enhancement is greatly appreciated.

If curious about the screen modes and limitations then the cpcwiki page here is as good as any place to read up.

It should be noted the normal Amstrad JSW/MM pokes do not work on these versions, likely due to the code being relocated in different memory banks or addresses.

Upon loading you are presented with a choice of JetSet Willy+ , Manic Miner+ or Manic Miner 3+

JetSet Willy+ is in reality JSW2 aka "The Final Frontier" , the Amstrad version being written by D.P.Rowson and S.Wetherill

Manic Miner+ is conventional Manic Miner, again the Amstrad version being written by DP.Rowson and S.Wetherhill

Manic Miner 3+ is the third party remake of MM aka "Manic Miner 3 - Tales from a parallel universe" , written by Lee Tonks. The Spectrum version can be found here on the World of Spectrum site. As far as I am currently aware MM3 was never ported over to the Amstrad by its original author.

The games themselves play as well as the originals although as noted they are distinctly more colourful. The screenshots should assist with this. They all share the same scrolling message (see below) and 'JSW' style title screen too.

Its noted there is no timer / clock counter active in any of the games and in the MM games there is no 'air' supply as such. The JSW style clock is displayed forever locked at 00:00AM. The 'items collected' total also functions in MM indicating they likely share a common core codeblock.

The only very minor correction I felt had to make was to the disk image loader itself to stop it attempting to autoload a game if an accidental keypress was detected as well as a very over enthusiastic 'timeout and load' effect. I also added a small message to the menu page as well to indicate its compatibility as there is otherwise no indication anywhere of it not being suitable for the other machines and attempting to load it on a conventional 6128 just results in an eventual lockup of the machine.

I would consider this a 'bug fix' so I have included this 'fixed' disk image as well as the original untouched one. There are no other changes to it at all.

The versions are clearly marked as to which is which:

"JSW2 Plus" and "JSW2 Plus Fixed Menu" , both are standard disk (.dsk) images.

The scrolling message complete with typo's for all the games reads as follows:

© 2000 Andrew Cadley, Based on an original game ©1986 Software Projects . . . JET SET WILLY II+ . . .
Control keys: JOYSTICK or Q/O left, W/P right and SPACE to Jump . . . . .
Yes, it's here at last. Well not quite, this is just another pre-release version of JSW+. Actually, this release is a bit of a biggy 'cos the engine has undergone some pretty major hacking in the hope of getting the damn thing running on a genuine CPC+.
I *think* it is sorted now, but only time will tell. If it doesn't work I'm going to crawl under a very big rock and cry unashamedly. Thanks to all those who've helped out or just waited patiently for far too long now, I guess you know who you are.
Special thanks for this release go to Coffee, late night repeats of Tommorrows World featuring the lushious Philippa Forrester (swoon) and The Masses Against The Classes, which is quite possibly the finest record in the world (ever!). Except for Motorcycle Emptiness.
Anyways, I'm just ranting now and I'll probably run out of memory with all this pointless waffle.
Find out more on bigfoot.com/~AndyCadley or by visiting comp.sys.amstrad.8bit. Probably. TTFN


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