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[File] JetSet Willy 2 (C16)

jsw2 c16 commodore

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Posted 10 June 2017 - 03:54 PM

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File Name: JetSet Willy 2 (C16)

File Submitter: Spider

File Submitted: 10 Jun 2017

File Category: Jet Set Willy [Originals]

System: Commodore
Original Author(s): Ian Davison


JetSet Willy 2 'Final Frontier' for the Commodore C16 and Plus/4. Written by Ian Davison and published by Tynesoft in 1986 under licence from Software Projects.


The game is very unusual in that it actually consists of four separate games, each is a 'section' of Willy's mansion and the space station areas. The idea being (with the tape file version at least) you complete one section and you are prompted to load in the next. There is however nothing to stop you loading in for example section 3 to play just that.


Most of the mansion is present with the exception of the "top row" such as "On the roof" and beyond. The Attic and Emergency Generator are present as is Holt Road, The Sewer and The Beach area. Regarding the 'space station' area most of the rooms are present however the Teleporters are non functional as you would expect.


Both tape and disc versions are provided, the disc version has been purposely split into four files one for each section to make it easy on an emulator to load in the required one without having to resort to entering disc commands manually.


There was a map available however I decided to split this into four individual slightly larger maps, once again one for each section. This makes it far easier on the eye to examine the area of interest. I have also included the original map by Reuben Cornwall.


The same as the C16 and Plus/4 versions of JSW1 there are no ropes and no arrows. Given the slightly odd behaviour of ropes in the C64 version of JSW1 and JSW2, this may not actually be a bad thing although the lack of arrows is slightly disappointing.


The game plays very well indeed. There is no scrolling message on the title screen simply the game title and author name. The room layouts do closely mimic the other major versions as do most of the sprite choices. The 'stairs' are a traditional line instead of 'squares' too. The lower screen area with the status has a border around it almost mimicking the Amstrad version in this respect.


A final point of interest is the object count: It counts down with "Items to collect: x" as far as I am aware this is the only original commercial release of a JSW game that does this.




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Posted 10 June 2017 - 04:01 PM

Pokes ;) Apply these as required in the emulator debugger window.


Starting lives:



Items left to collect:


Restart: (if you get stuck!) saves reloading:

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