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Some Manic Miner Remake

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Posted 19 August 2017 - 03:11 PM

Thanks a lot for all the info, Ligan! :)


My latest comments below are in green.



I'm a little confused about that part in parentheses, as I haven't changed the tune.


I probably thought the tune was modified because I played the game in ZX Spin, and this particular emulator does have sound issues - the title screen tune seemed incomplete, hence I thought it had been altered. Nothing to worry about, it's SPIN's problem only :) .



 - As for credits, I'd prefer to be credited as "LiganTM" (not a trademark, it's just my username on some other websites).


That's what I will use for credits, thanks.



 - This is the first (and only) place where I've shown the game, however before calling it a gamma-release, I'd like to tweak some things in it (nothing gameplay changing, so your walkthrough will still be 100% accurate)


Okay, so the date of your first release here will be listed in Chronology (whenever I update it) as "beta release" (I think this will correspond to the actual situation faithfully), and I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE GAMMA RELEASE!  :D


Lastly, to answer the last question, I have tried making a few remakes in the past, but most of them have nothing worthy in them. :/


I don't know about your past efforts, but judging by "Manic Miner Hard", your future efforts (if you undertake them) will be a delight to the players :).


Thanks again for all the info, Ligan, I look forward to the gamma release of the game, and if you need any assistance with the final tweaks, I am sure that the friendly folks here will be able and pleased to provide it :).


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Posted 30 January 2018 - 08:48 AM



Is there any chance you will gamma-release "Manic Miner Hard" in the near future? It would be nice to be able to add the game to the "official" list of gamma-released MM games on JSW Central :).

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