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[File] La casa di Jack / La casa de Jack

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#1 Spider


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Posted 27 August 2017 - 10:50 AM

Posted Image


File Name: La casa di Jack / La casa de Jack

File Submitter: Spider

File Submitted: 27 Aug 2017

File Category: Jet Set Willy [Patched]

System: Sinclair
Original Author(s): Matthew Smith
Third Party Author(s): Load 'N' Run Italy / Load 'N' Run Spain


These are slightly modified Italian and Spanish versions of JSW with full Italian / Spanish text translations throughout. They were both released by Load 'n' Run.


The Italian version, called 'La casa di Jack', was released on the Italian Load 'n' Run tape 11 in December 1984. There is no visible personal credit in this version.


The Spanish version, called 'La casa de Jack', was released on the Spanish Load 'n' Run tape 1_02 in March 1985. It was created by Juancho Martínez Cubero, and it is a spin-off from the Italian version.


Both versions share some characteristic features.


The keypad has been bypassed and a different title screen, still in the JSW style, is displayed (it is in Italian in both versions, reading 'LA CASA DI JACK', i.e. 'Jack's House').


The words on the screen in 'Entrance to Hades', written using the room graphics, read, 'LA MORTE', which is 'death' in Italian. The Italian word is present in both versions.


A built-in infinite lives choice is offered upon each game start. In fact, when you choose this option, you do not get inifite lives, but your lives are renewed when you move to another room (or re-enter the same one). In other words, if you keep losing lives in one room, you don't see them disappear from the status bar (lower third of the screen), but after you've lost the 8th life in this room, it's Game Over. However, if you exit to another room, your lives are replenished (and you can lose 7 of them again, and then it's Game Over after losing the 8th life in the same room, unless you move to another screen).


Both files still have the critical bugs which are present in the original JSW, so they are not completable. The bugs can be fixed using the four official Software Pokes. Completable bug-fixed versions are offered for download here alongside the original, incompletable ones.


The Italian version has a custom loading screen with instructions, which the Spanish version lacks.


The scrolling message in the Italian version reads as follows:


***Premi ENTER per giocare *** LA CASA DI JACK .. © 1984 by LOAD 'N' RUN .. Guida JACK in ogni stanza della sua casa per raccogliere tutti gli oggetti prima di mezzanotte in modo che la moglie lo lasci andare a dormire ..*** Premi ENTER per giocare


The scrolling message in the Spanish version reads as follows:


***Pulsa ENTER para jugar *** LA CASA DE JACK .. LOAD 'N' RUN .. Guia a Jack por cada habitacion de su casa para que pueda recoger todos los objetos antes de medianoche y su mujer lo deje ir a dormir..*********... Pulsa ENTER para jugar ***


The Italian version had been known to the JSW/MM community for a long time. It was included in Darkman (Nigel Bland)'s compilation of Italian variants of MM and JSW, hosted by Andrew Broad. However, it was incorrectly described as 'an Italian variant of La Casa di Jack', while, in fact, "La casa di Jack" IS the Italian variant, it was primary, and the Spanish version, "La casa de Jack" is secondary, as it was evidently created / translated from the Italian variant (so, in reality, La casa de Jack is the Spanish variant of La casa di Jack).


It was thought until recently that the Spanish version was only available as a .z80 snapshot. Consequently, a reconstruction effort was undertaken in order to create a more user-friendly .tap file. There was enough data present in the snapshot to reconstruct most of the BASIC. However the loading routine appeared to use screen memory, possibly for data compression. As this was no longer present, said data could not be used, but the loading screen was created to look about as near to the original release as could be imagined.


The .z80 snapshot also suffers slightly from not being JSWED-friendly. This is caused by the AIR bytes being set to chr$32 (a space). A tape file was constructed with the resurrected loader (modified to work with a standard tape file) and made to be editor-friendly by restoring the AIR bytes to their original values. This version can be used to perform any edits if required more easily (if you are OK with using the Spanish version rather than the Italian one).


In March 2018, the origin of the Italian and Spanish versions was discovered and discussed on this forum, and the relation between them was described properly. Files of the two issues of Load 'n' Run where the games originally appeared were found at a website dedicated to the Load 'n' Run releases, from which they can be download (no doubt they had been there for years). The JSW game files were extracted from these tapes and are offered here as individual downloads in .tap and .tzx formats, along with bug-fixed, completable versions with the four official Software Projects POKEs applied.


The 'historical' .z80 snapshot of "La casa de Jack" is supplied as well, along with the 'reconstructed' .tap which had been created from it before the original tapes were identified and found.


Click here to download this file

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#2 jetsetdanny


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Posted 07 March 2018 - 10:15 AM



Thanks for discussing this version and creating a TAP file from the existing .Z80 snapshot :).


Some points on this subject:




In the original .Z80 snapshot, after starting the game, Willy keeps jumping up vertically and you can't play the game (it doesn't respond to the movement keys). After the game has been reset (and exits to the title screen), after going through the title screen and the micro cheat selection, you can play the game normally.


I've seen this problem: Willy just jumping up vertically, without the player being able to control him, after launching the game, in several old JSW hacks. I wonder what the technical explanation of this problem is.





It is interesting to note that the author has taken the time and trouble to 'rename' Entrance to Hades too as well as all the other instances of wording throughout.



Andy, I would suggest changing the above wording a little bit. When you talk about 'renaming' Entrance to Hades, I thought you were referring to the room name, and I didn't know what you really meant (because all of the rooms are renamed in this version of the game) until I saw the screen in-game. I think that saying something along the lines that the author has taken the time and trouble to modify the "DIE MORTAL" message in Entrance to Hades to read "LA MORTE" (which, incidentally, is not Spanish, but Italian, similarly like the title itself; in Spanish it would be "LA MUERTE" and "LA CASA DE JACK", respectively).



Unfortunately it still has the original "4 bugs" present, although these are easily fixed if required using the standard methods.


Not all of them. The values of the bytes which describe the item locations in the #A4... range are modified. They have the same "layout" as in the orignal, but their values are increased by (decimal) 64, so e.g.


The value #B2 at #A4AD in the original JSW becomes #F2 at the same address in La Casa di Jack.


The value #1C at #A4C7 in the original JSW becomes #5C at the same address in La Casa di Jack.


So to apply the fix for the First Landing item you need to apply the value #4B instead of #0B at #A4C7.


I have seen such a pattern of differences before, but I can't remember where exactly. I am unable to explain the reason for it right now, although I know the explanation is very simple...


I have applied the fixes to the TAP file which you created and I would kindly suggest that it be added to the download options on the Download page, so that everyone interested has access to a completable version of the game. Here it is:



Incidentally, there is a typo in the name of the two files offered for download at this moment. This author's first surname is Martinez, not Martizen.
I have played the attached file to completion and I testify it can be completed with just one loss of life (in Conservatory Roof, just like all JSW variants where the Official Software POKEs have been applied, but Conservatory Roof has not been fixed otherwise). In fact, I have recorded an RZX walkthrough of it (with a completion time of 8.00 am), which I will make public very soon, in a few days' time, along with some other stuff :).

#3 Spider


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Posted 07 March 2018 - 01:17 PM

Thanks for the updated information. :)


The 'constant jump' can happen with any JSW (or sometimes MM but I'm not 100% on that) it is due to Kempston being enabled in the snapshot file and not in the emulator or vice-versa. A break/restart fixes in most cases as you've noted. This is because the 'check for joystick' check has already been done when the snapshot was taken. A sensible 'fix' for this really is to put a breakpoint at 33792 just after the DI then take the snapshot when it drops out to the debugger. This way you "cover all bases" so to speak. :) , alternative would be to move the PC back a bit I guess.


Have fixed authors name in both descriptor and files and added the bug-fixed version too. Thanks! :)


The text was also adjusted to add your input, thanks again.

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#4 jetsetdanny


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Posted 07 March 2018 - 08:18 PM

Thanks, Andy! :)

#5 jetsetdanny


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Posted 08 March 2018 - 09:34 PM

Ever since I first learnt about "La casa di Jack" being 'a Spanish version of "JSW"', I have been uncomfortable with it. I never understood why a Spanish version of the game should have an Italian title. It just didn't make sense.


Now, having investigated the issue, I believe I have the answer. Or rather, I know the truth. The truth is (in my strong conviction) that "La casa di Jack" is an Italian version of "JSW", which also happens to have a Spanish version. I am sure the Italian variant was the primary one (hence the title in Italian), and the Spanish version is secondary, translated from Italian.


What happened was that the secondary Spanish version has been known amongst the JSW community for ages (at least since this page went online, probably earlier), and the primary Italian version surfaced later. The info on Andrew Broad's List of MM & JSW games is therefore misleading, when it is first stated that:


A Spanish variant of Jet Set Willy called La Casa de Jack is now available for downloading (thanks to Vidar Eriksen (Erix1) for making it available!). It was written by Juancho Martínez Cubero, apparently in 1983!


and then that:


Darkman (aka Nigel Bland) has compiled a set of eight JSW & MM Variants including JSW April++ (speedload)that he "stitched together" himself, an Italian variant of La Casa di Jack, and an Italian variant of Jet Set Willy III.


[Incidentally, to say 'an Italian variant of La casa di Jack' is actually like saying 'an English variant of Jack's House'.]


[Please note I am not criticising Dr Andrew Broad, as I have enormous respect for all he did for MM/JSW, I value his games very highly and I have drawn extensively on his work and the information he has published; I am merely pointing out the imperfections on his list, which hasn't been updated since 2009, so that the information may be corrected should he choose to come back to an active participation in the JSW scene in the future, which I hope he will do one day :)].



I now strongly believe that it should be the other way round. "La casa di Jack" should be mentioned as the Italian version of "JSW", and then there should/could be some additional info that a Spanish variant of "La casa di Jack" exists, which is a spin-off from the Italian version. The name of the Spanish variant could either be considered to be the same as the Italian one (because of the graphics on the title screen) or - and I would actually opt for this strongly - be "La casa de Jack", like this version has in the scrolling message, to differentiate it from the Italian one - what a difference one letter makes sometimes! 


[Please note that I am spelling the title "La casa di Jack" capitalising only the first letter of the first word and the proper name "Jack". This is in accordance with the rules in both Italian and Spanish, where titles only require a capital letter for the first word of the full name, while all the following ones have small letters, unless they're proper names.]


These are the reasons why:


- Both files are versions of the same variant, with the same title screen and "Entrance to Hades" graphics (words on the screen), the same colours of the lower third of the screen (status bar), the same cheat menu, the same choices for some room names (e.g. "Antonieta" instead of "Esmerelda"), etc. There is no doubt about it. It is logical to suppose that one of them was created first, and the other one was later translated from the language of the former (*not* from English).


- The title formed by the graphics on the title screen is: "LA CASA DI JACK". This is Italian.


- The words formed by the graphics in "Entrance to Hades" are: "LA MORTE". This is Italian.


- The Italian version has a custom loading screen, which the Spanish version doesn't have. The Spanish version is "more reduced" in that sense, the Italian one - more complete. The logical supposition could be that this additional screen was dropped when the Italian version was translated into Spanish. It could have been the other way round, theoretically, so it's a hint, not a proof (admittedly, it could also be that there was a loading screen in the Spanish version, too, but it was dropped when the file was transferred from the original tape to emulator format).


I believe that the title screen and the "Entrance to Hades" screen reveal the story. If a Spanish person was creating a Spanish version directly from the English original, there is no reason why he should spell the words on the title screen and "Entrance to Hades" in Italian (especially that the game was apparently called "La casa de Jack" in Spain, so, in proper Spanish). However, if a Spanish person was converting an Italian version to Spanish, it makes perfect sense.


My take on it is that Mr. Juancho Martínez Cubero grabbed the Italian version (in the framework of cooperation between the two branches of LOAD 'N' RUN), translated all of the in-game messages to Spanish, changed the Italian "La casa di Jack" to the Spanish "La casa de Jack" in the in-game scrolling message (as can be seen there), but left the words on the title screen in Italian (because he didn't know how to modify them or didn't want to bother; remember that was a looong time before JSWED), just like he did with the words in "Entrance to Hades".


Further proof:


When you compare the two versions, you see that the Spanish one is an imperfect version of the Italian one.


Look at the title screens:



title screen - Italian.png



title screen - Spanish.png



The Italian one has the printed words [in-between the asterisks] nicely centred. In the Spanish version they are moved too much to the left, which doesn't look good.


Now look at the messages in the lower third of the screen (the status bar):


in-game screen - Italian.png


in-game screen - Spanish.png



The Italian words are perfect (Oggetti   presi    000   Ora    7:00am), perfectly aligned with the various colours. The Spanish version is messed up, it starts with "jetos cogidos" ("Ob" is missing at the beginning, it should be "Objetos cogidos", although there's no space for the whole thing) and the colours visibly do not fit in with the words ("hora" should be in the same colour). Evidently, the translation into Spanish was done, but the "Italian" colours were not adjusted to the Spanish words properly.


I suspect that a detailed analysis of the room names would give further evidence along the same lines, but, frankly, I can't be bothered to carry it out, as I don't think it's necessary.


Some additional elements:


- The Italian version was released by LOAD 'N' RUN. It was "an Italian datasette computer magazine of the 1980's, which was sold also in Spain and Portugal with games for the following home computer systems like C64, CPC, MSX or ZX Spectrum". Italy is primary here, Spain secondary. Again, just a hint.


"La casa di Jack" was released on the Italian LOAD 'N' RUN tape 11.


"La casa de Jack" was released on the Spanish LOAD 'N' RUN tape 1_02.


[This information can also be confirmed here, for both editions.]


Now, if the chronological order in which these two tapes were released could be established beyond doubt, the question would probably be solved definitely. I would bet that the Italian LOAD 'N' RUN tape number 11 was published before the Spanish LOAD 'N' RUN tape number 1_02 (because the Spanish edition of LOAD 'N' RUN started later, perhaps?), but I haven't been able to find this information so far. If anyone knows or can point to the exact dates when both tapes were released, it would be very helpful.


- The Italian version has the date 1984. The Spanish version has the date 1983, but of course it doesn't mean anything, because it's impossible. It's either a joke or an error.



In view of the above, I believe the game should be described more or less like this:


"La casa di Jack" - an Italian version of "Jet Set Willy" (LOAD 'N' RUN, 1984)


"La casa de Jack" - a Spanish variant of "La casa di Jack" (Juancho Martínez Cubero, LOAD 'N' RUN, ... - the date could be given here if it was known when tape 1_02 of the Spanish LOAD 'N' RUN was published).


I don't think any personal credit (the author's name) is given anywhere in the Italian version. Please correct me if I'm wrong about this!



Both versions suffer from the bugs present in the original "JSW" and are therefore impossible to complete.


Similarly to "La casa de Jack", I have prepared a bug-fixed version of "La casa di Jack", by applying the four official Software Projects POKEs (to be precise, the one which fixes the First Landing item was modifed, with the value being #4B rather than #0B, as discussed previously - incidentally, this difference from the original "JSW" is another proof that one of the two versions discussed here was created from the other one, rather than from the English original).


I can confirm that the game file attached below can be completed with one loss of life (in "Conservatory Roof"). I have recorded an RZX walkthrough of it, which will be made public soon, with a completion time of 8.00 am (the recordings of both versions are near dead ringers).


Here it is:


Attached File  La casa di Jack (bug-fixed).tap   33.14KB   63 downloads


And here is the original file of the Italian version (with the original bugs, impossible to complete), copied from Darkman (Nigel Bland)'s compilation hosted on the archival version of Andrew Broad' list of MM&JSW games (and renamed for the purposes of this forum).


Attached File  La casa di Jack (bug-fixed).tap   33.14KB   63 downloads


I  hope you will deem them worthy of including in the Download options, Andy, and I believe some of the information given about the game(s) should also be corrected as per the analysis above :).

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 10:23 PM

A nice bit of detective work, Danny!

One query: have you uploaded the same attachment twice, instead of two different files?

#7 jetsetdanny


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Posted 08 March 2018 - 11:12 PM

Thanks, Ian :)


Yes, my mistake. I'll upload the other file tomorrow (actually, it can be downloaded from here, as mentioned above).


After some further research (it's all here, actually, only I didn't look closely enough before):


- The Italian LOAD 'N' RUN tape 11 with "La casa di Jack" was released in December 1984.
- The Spanish LOAD 'N' RUN tape 1_02 with "La casa de Jack" was released in March 1985.
So it's just like I suspected: the Italian version is primary, the Spanish version is a variant of the Italian version. I believe this settles the whole issue and gives us a clear picture.
Furthermore, the game was called "La casa de Jack" in the Spanish magazine (printed version). So I would advocate even more using this name for the Spanish version.
I have downloaded the actual file of the Spanish LOAD 'N' RUN tape (to see if something more can be found there beyond what's in the .Z80 snapshot - like a custom loading screen), but it's in DSK format EDIT: I found it in TZX format, too. Spin opens it, but then nothing happens. Here it is:
EDIT: Attachment has been deleted. It's re-uploaded below.
Perhaps someone will be able to make it run and / or convert it to TAP file? EDIT: I've done it myself. Please see below. EDIT 2: It was useless work, because later on I found a TZX file I could use.

Edited by jetsetdanny, 09 March 2018 - 09:17 PM.

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 11:49 PM

OK, the last thing for tonight.


I've managed to extract and convert "La casa de Jack" from the above DSK file to a TZX file using ZX-Blockeditor. Here it is:


EDIT: The attachment has been deleted, as I'm going to update 'better' versions.


Apparently, it doesn't have a loading screen (like the Italian version). The only difference with the .Z80 version is that it prints "PULSA ENTER PARA JUGAR" (i.e. PRESS ENTER TO PLAY) after the game has loaded and the game is only launched after you press a key.


Tomorrow or during the weekend, when I have time, I will have another look at the files downloaded from the above website (I'lve also dowloaded the whole Italian LOAD 'N' RUN tape 11 with various programs, including "La casa di Jack") and prepare a set of extracted / converted if necessary files (2x TAP and 2xTZX) of what I think will be files as close to the original as possible. Plus the fixed versions (so 8 files in total: 2xTAP original + 2xTZX original + 2xTAP fixed + 2xTZX fixed), to offer them as the ultimate download option here instead of the currently hosted files (if Andy agrees) :).

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Posted 09 March 2018 - 09:16 PM

OK, here we go. Attached below are the eight files mentioned above, i.e. 2x TAP and 2xTZX versions of both files which are essentially unmodified original releases (apart from deleting unnecesary files from TZX tapes which contained many programs, and saving half of them as TAP instead of TZX) and bug-fixed releases made completable by applying the four official Software Projects POKEs.


Attached File  La casa.zip   132.38KB   59 downloads


And here are the source files which were used to create them (using ZX-Blockeditor), downloaded from here (I don't know how to point to the sub-pages here, because the address in the browser always seems the same, no matter what sub-page I'm on):


Attached File  LNR_Zx_Ita_11.tzx   309.63KB   63 downloads


Attached File  LNR_Zx_Esp_n1_02.tzx   211.05KB   64 downloads


I would kindly suggest that the 8 files attached above as ZIP be hosted here, as they are the original releases (extracted from the original TZX tapes) plus their bug-fixed versions (fixed only by using the official Software Projects POKEs, with no other changes).


There are two interesting things I've noticed:


1. In all of these files, the addresses in the #A4.. range, describing item locations, are unchanged in relation to the original JSW. So in the bug-fixed files attached here the 'regular' value of #0B was applied at #A4C7 to transfer the First Landing item (contrary to what I discussed previously).


I am mystified as to why the addresses are changed in the two 'less original' files I had worked with previously.



2. Choosing the option of playing with infinite lives (2) in the cheat menu does not really give you infinite lives, but a very interesting effect I haven't seen before, which could actually be a good idea as an option for some future project: your lives are renewed as you move to another room (or re-enter the same one). In other words, if you keep losing lives in one room, you don't see them disappear from the status bar (lower third of the screen), but after you've lost the 8th life in this room, it's Game Over. However, if you exit to another room, your lives are replenished (and you can lose 7 of them again, and then it's Game Over after losing the 8th life in the same room, unless you move to another screen). Interesting, isn't it?


The bug-fixed files I uploaded previously and the file of 'La casa di Jack' copied from Darkman's compilation should be deleted from here (I'll try to do it after posting this). I am not sure what to suggest about Andy's TAP version of "La casa de Jack". On the one hand, it is certainly not the original release. On the other hand, Andy put some work into creating it, and it was perhaps the best available version at the time. So I'm not sure - perhaps it'll be best that he decides himself  :).

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Posted 10 March 2018 - 03:13 PM

Last night I did what I postulated above, i.e. I edited the Download page to make it reflect the current knowledge about these two variants.


One little point now: the name of "The Banyan Tree" is the same in both variants. It is "Jack lametta alla riscossa", which is Italian. So it's an example of the 'original' Italian room name left untranslated in the Spanish version.

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