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An Enhanced Teleport Routine for JSW

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Posted 18 September 2017 - 11:28 PM

Please see the attached test file.  I've implemented a teleport routine, based on John Elliott's but in this case, each teleporter has six definition bytes, in turn:


Source room number

Source y-coordinate

Source x-coordinate

Destination x-coordinate

Destination y-coordinate

Destination room number


So, unlike in John's original routine, the exact position of the teleporter may vary between source and receiver room.  Or you could have a teleport which takes Willy from one part of a room to another part of the same room.


y-coordinates are specified in terms of (pixelsx2) from the top (it's probably best if these are cell -aligned i.e. a multiple of #10, although there are a couple of half-aligned examples in the test file i.e. multiples of #08, where Willy falls into or out of a teleporter); x-coordinates are specified in terms of cell-columns in from the left column.  All numbers are in hexadecimal.


The subroutine to implement this is at #9718-#9765 (CALLed from #8B70), and the teleporter data are stored at #9767 (number of teleporters in the game) and #9768-#97AF (12 x 6-byte definitions).

As part of the new code, there is a CALL to an existing subroutine at #8E9C, which is necessary to ensure that Willy's attribute coordinates remain aligned with his pixel coordinates.
Final technical detail: Each time Willy enters a teleporter, there is a CALL to the 'Play an intro message sound [and border] effect' at #96DE.  I haven't defined the input (A register) going into that routine, so it picks up the previous value stored in A (which happens to be the room number of the destination room).  As a result, the pitch (and duration) of the sound varies from room to room. e.g. if Willy teleports into a room with a high value for the room number, the noise has a relatively low pitch and long duration, etc.  (I recommend turning off the in-game tune to observe the variations in the noise associated with the teleporters.)




There are about twelve teleporters inserted into the test file.  They take Willy on a tour of all the 'Forbidden Holy Grounds' in the original game, and then he ends up on The Bow of his Yacht.



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Posted 19 September 2017 - 12:07 AM

hehe that's great. :)


I did notice the 'journeys locations' and the changing sound effect. The effect from Master Bedroom to Off Licence has a pleasing almost 'horn' like tone to it. I tried that at double speed too and it still sounded good.

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 06:54 AM

'The Off Licence' is a 'special case', the room number is of course zero.  You might think that is a very low number and expect almost no noise at all (compare 'At the Foot of the MegaTree', Room 3, where there's barely a blip).

But Room 0 is effectively treated as Room #100 (256 in decimal) by the DJNZ loop that controls the pitch (via the B register) - B is decremented before a check is made for a zero value, so it goes 'all the way round' before the routine detects a value of B which is detected as zero.  Hence the lengthy 'horn' sound!
EDIT: I've modified the test file slightly so that Willy has to 'fall into' one teleporter, and 'fall out of' another.  However, care must be taken when a teleporter isn't cell-aligned, because if Willy jumps into one, he can emerge in the destination room mid-jump, which can lead to him 'falling through' solid platforms!

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Posted 20 September 2017 - 07:51 PM

Good stuff, Ian! Congratulations on creating this solution  :) .

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