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Remake of Manic Miner- Both bug byte and S.P. versions

remake of manic miner

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#1 Norman Sword

Norman Sword

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Posted 28 December 2017 - 08:48 PM

Posted elsewhere on this forum, just moving into the download category as well.

This version of Manic Miner contains both the Software projects version of the game alongside the Bug byte version.


Each time the game is played it will swap versions.


I have edited and revised a lot of the routines. The game should play the same way as the original game. A lot of the changes would need you to be aware of the originals exact format to enable comparisons.


Cheat is enabled (bug-byte password)


differences that I can remember


1) demo cycle stops and redisplayed the title screen and replays the title music

2) added a credits screen

3) added explosions on credit screen

4) added intermission screen

5) change scroll to pixel scroll and not character scroll

6) will moves with a sprite mask

7) explosion on death

8) willies death stump scrolls onto the screen

9) score scrolls to high score

10) reason given for demise

11) sound effects on solar ray

12) collection sound

13)  cheat modes rebuild platforms

14) cheat mode immunity

15) cheat mode move by a single key, and not multi combinations of keys

16) cheat mode plays with all sprites active

17) game swaps between two versions- Bug Byte and software Projects

18) other sound effects

19) less sprite flicker

20) game runs faster

21) multiple icon displays

22) bar graph on title screen

23) Animated version icon on title screen

24) keyboard layout on title screen fixed

24a) title screen. missing pixel on car replaced

25) new screen scrolls

26) easter egg on Credit screen

27) easter egg on Pause

28) skylab landing sound effect

29) skylab does not colour in platforms




standard movement keys e.g. "q" to "p" for left to right

"z" to "m" jump"

"a" to "g" pause

"h to "enter" music on/off


The "1" key changes the method of movement.



In cheat mode. the boot will still be displayed

various icons are active and indicate options selected

The "9" key rebuilds platforms

the "3" key activates platform rebuild option (tool kit)

the "4" key activates immortality (medical kit)

The "9" key held plus Tapping "1" will move to a previous screen. If on room 1 then it will go to room 20 

The "9" key held plus tapping "2" will move to the next screen. If on room 20 then it will go to room 1


Bug byte cheat is 6031769



Icons displayed are from right to left



Alternate movement

Music on

Cheat invoked

medical kit

tool kit

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#2 IRF


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Posted 28 December 2017 - 08:54 PM

24) keyboard layout on title screen fixed


The missing pixel from Willy's car door has also been restored.  :)

#3 Spider


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Posted 29 December 2017 - 06:27 PM

The main differences between the SP and BB versions (the Re-Release versions from MAD/Mastertronic and VentaMatic are based on the SP version btw) are:
Guardians are different in Amoebatron's Revenge
Guardians are different in The Warehouse
Obviously the scrolly title screen message is a bit different as is the cheat code due to the fact that the joystick option changed a bit. In essence the 'BB' version used the Cursor / Protek (5/6/7/8/0) whereas the SP version used the IF1 joystick (6/7/8/9/0)
^ I think I need clarification on that, its my understanding on it.
The code is slightly moved in that, to quote:

Addresses from #8000h - #846Dh (32768 - 33901) are the same.


Addresses from #846Eh - #8C29h (33902 - 35881) should have 6 added to them.


Addresses from #8C2Ah - #8C72h (35882 - 35954) should have 13 added to them.


Addresses from #8C73h - #9356h (35955 - 37718) should have 11 added to them.


Addresses above #9357h (37719) are the same.

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#4 Norman Sword

Norman Sword

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Posted 30 December 2017 - 11:43 PM

The visual differences between the  bug byte version and Software projects version in room data


The changed data consists of around 240 bytes changed. in 12 separate groups. Ranging from a single byte to a group of 127.


Some of the data that changes may or may not be visual. But the program stores the around 480 bytes and swaps the 240 over on each playing.


This is on top of the 2*256 bytes for the scrolling message. So Nearly 1k stored for the changes.


The room data was left intact, and in the same format. I did consider adding a few more versions and the compressing the lot. 

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#5 IRF


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Posted 31 December 2017 - 12:36 AM

I was aware of the differences in the guardian sprites in 'The Warehouse' and 'Amoebatron's Revenge', but the alternate pixel patterns for the magenta Fire cells and the collectable items in the Software Project's version of 'Processing Plant' is news to me!  :)

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