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New MM version for the Atari ST (preview)

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Posted 13 November 2018 - 04:04 PM

I had chance to play this Sunday evening, once I'd figured out the very strange way disk images are accepted in Steem (its not explained that well in the emulator readme, or I missed it!) and got a suitable TOS for it as the higher version one did not play nice. :) , none of that is related to the game however.


The game plays quite nicely, it has the feel of the SamCoupe version to it in that the movement is more fluid than the Amstrad/Spectrum versions. I sent you a PM reply about the text (you have that already)


The sound is very good and I like the effects of the Portal too.


The air supply decrements quite slowly although this may or may not be a concern.


There are some interesting novelties too such as Willy dancing on the title page with his erm 'partner' as well as the arcade style left/right to enter a name into a high score table. A+ for this addition! The cavern design particularly the 'pac man' wall effect is also excellent.


The only real concern I had in my short playtesting time (so far) was the boot takes a while to initially start to descend on the Game Over page. :)


Summary is this is so far an excellent piece of work imo. :thumbsup:


I'm attaching a few screenshots too!


Steem__00002.gif Steem__00003.gif Steem__00004.gif Steem__00005.gif Steem__00006.gif Steem__00007.gif


Finally a few screenshots I took 'mid play' :)


Steem__00008.jpg Steem__00011.jpg Steem__00012.jpg


Proof in the pudding as they say with my Hi-Score, unfortunately emulation did not pause in Eugene so I lost a life taking a screenshot!



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Posted 13 November 2018 - 04:19 PM

Many thx for the fine words, and i am glad that you like it :D


STeem is a little weird but ones you learn to use it, it actual run very good :)

You can pause Steem  by pressing f12

Steem can also save screenshots.


the program is still in developing, but i had to release it, so I could enter Sv2k18, but there will be bug fixing and fine tuning, i have already fine tuned 2 maps, since this release, I do it when i spotted a error.

it was in both cases the speed of one of the monster.


you can skip the boot screen start animations, if you press spacebar, it start squishing Willy at ones :)


thanks again for taking you time :)

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