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JSW Main Sprite possible improvement?

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Posted 14 May 2019 - 10:43 PM

"jagged finger fix by Norman Sword"

The fix used to reduce the jagged finger look in the file mention in Post#7 is basically a copy of the code I placed on this website.
So it comes as a surprise that someone else has fixed this problem. Have they really? It seems to me that they have used my code.

This site mentions so often things like Goeff mode etc that this partial fix to this problem should be call "jagged finger fix by Norman Sword".
It was a problem that prior to my posts, was not fully understood in it's nature or how to remove. The code used to partially cure this problem
is basically the code I wrote.
If you have a problem with what I say here then please show me any code prior to the code I listed that did anything of the same nature.
Or any version of jsw(1) that fixed the problem prior to my posts.

Norman Sword, you were duly credited in the Readme file which accompanies the file by Metalmickey which is referred to in post #7 of this thread. :)
(Metalmickey also mentions me in the same sentence of that document, as it was I who recommended that he implement this since he was attempting to collate "fixes for all known bugs" in JSW, and I helped him to implement your fix into his project. However, the credit should really be all yours. [Having said that, I would say that I had some modest input into it, by encouraging you to 'synchronise' the updating of attributes for each character row in association with the associated eight pixel rows, an improvement which reduces another element of screen flicker.])

I have updated my post #7 to make it more explicit that you were the author of the 'Jagged Finger Fix'. (When I posted earlier, I thought I had made the authorship clear, but on reflection perhaps I didn't make it clear enough.)

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