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In Topic: Looking for contact details for Andy Noble

18 October 2017 - 08:57 PM

Hi Bob, welcome. :)


I saw your topic on WOS asking the same but did not really have an answer, thinking about it a bit the only immediate suggestion would be to possibly ask the people over at RetroSpec where his JSW and MM remakes are listed ?


A few members here are also on the jswmm Yahoo mailing list and although IDK if Andy is on that list I'm sure they won't mind asking there for you if you're not on the listing yourself (I'm not hence posting this)

In Topic: Thoughts about denied compilations

17 October 2017 - 09:25 PM

Its quite easy to remove the 'item in question' from the tap/tzx file leaving the 'permitted/allowed' ones present obviously. :)


Partly for the two reasons I mentioned above it sort of why it is possibly worth having them available (allows parts only) but this does destroy the originality of it I know, but if this means a 'fixed version' is available...


I suppose another way of doing this without ruining anything would be something like this:


1. Game one (denied)

2. Game two (available)

3. Game three (available)

4. Game four (denied)

5. Game five (denied)


Now, this compilation will never be available 'as is' as its contents forbid it. However a solution could be quite simple: The 'allowed' titles, strip these out into their own individual tape files aka "game two.tap" , "game three.tap" and then put these two into the listings for the games 'own individual listing' as a 're-release' as that is in effect what it is.



Would a practical and relevant example help to explain this ? :) I think it would. I won't put the links up but anyway JSW1 the re-release on the "Sold A Million" tapes, both of these compilations are not available as they contain denied titles, there's actually two versions / releases of this 'first' compilation too, just to complicate matters but it does not really help to explain as the difference between them is simply both have a denied title present.


Both versions of this compilation contain the Speedlock variant of JSW, this is not on the main JSW listing page as a re-release, potentially preventing it being used as its not (AFAIK) listed anywhere else.

In Topic: Across the platforms, a comparison

13 October 2017 - 06:07 PM

"comparsion" instead of "comparison"  ^_^

Fixed. :) Thank you. I was looking at the content not the title.

In Topic: Across the platforms, a comparison

13 October 2017 - 04:47 PM

It's an interesting comparison, Andy, thanks for putting it together :).

There's a typo in the topic, you might want to correct it.


Most welcome. :)


Typo ? :unsure:

In Topic: JSW As Manufacturer (probably) intended .. kind of...

13 October 2017 - 11:01 AM

That is an excellent suggestion. :) I was aware of what it would do but before I saw it "in action" I was not really aware of how much it does improve it.


For those who prefer it in decimal it is 62121 , 14


Here is an expanded 'combi' pic of before / after so you can see the Water cells clearly to compare:




Out of curiosity I took a quick look at the C64, Amstrad and BBC versions of this screen in JSW1 and all of those also have the same Water cell 'paper' colour as the background which matches this 'new change' :)


I was not able to confirm the MSX/Einstein variant however given its cell design I suspect that will have black paper due to the way it was 'built' from the Spectrum version at least as I understand it.