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#374 Jsw MSX / Tatung Einstein

Posted by Spider on 21 October 2015 - 01:11 PM

Thank you for the clarification. :)


OK take a quick look at this following your suggestion, I've positioned Willy out of the way for extra clarity:




This does make perfect sense and I can see what you mean, to coin a phrase "a picture says a thousand words"


Also you're 100% correct you *can* escape the conveyor without dying if you time your jump right you can (once you're aware of it) relatively easily escape via a jump.


Now, there's a slight issue with positioning this object here. Willy cannot climb down again without losing a life. See pics:


Willy in place to collect object after climbing:




The only way 'down' is right, moving left will result in an infinite death as you'll fall through the screen to the Back Door.


Willy moves right to land on the platform below:




All looks OK, but the 'issue' here is a jump to the left is certain death, a jump to the right results in him exiting the screen at the top, and when he falls, he falls straight onto the razor blade nasty as its start position is too high. For necessity in the pics I've had to immunize him so you can see:




The conclusion I guess is its quite possible but you must then jump right onto the roof ramp/slope and not attempt to climb down again. :)

#365 ZX Spectrum VEGA - JSW 2 not working

Posted by Spider on 10 October 2015 - 07:38 PM

I'm just waiting to get ahold of a micro SD card so I can test this to be sure what's going on. I have the keymap details.

#342 The mysterious Room 47

Posted by Spider on 25 August 2015 - 03:05 PM

Meanwhile... ;)


ud1.png ud2.png ud3.png


Bit crude I know but it only took a minute or two. That's using '47'


To keep the item count correct, the object on the far right of 'Tree Root' was removed and placed into 'Under The MegaTree'

#323 Manic Miner in development for Acorn Atom

Posted by Spider on 12 August 2015 - 10:54 AM

I concur that does look quite good. :)


If you take a look at the BBC versions of MM and then JSW, the 'engine' in JSW does not seem to suffer from the flicker at all (or very little) , I'm not sure if that is going to be any assistance though.

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#293 Dual Format Tape

Posted by Spider on 16 June 2015 - 02:29 PM

Pics (not brilliant quality I'm afraid) I may try scanning some of them when I can get to my scanner.

















#263 [File] JSW 2015 Bug Fixed Edition

Posted by Spider on 30 May 2015 - 04:30 PM

Posted Image


File Name: JSW 2015 Bug Fixed Edition

File Submitter: Spider

File Submitted: 30 May 2015

File Category: JSWMM Releases

System: Sinclair
Original Author(s): Matthew Smith
Third Party Author(s): Andy Ford


Here's a jswmm special. :) A bug fixed edition of the original Spectrum version. The following changes were incorporated:


1. Black instead of blue initial loading page, the reason for this is (2) , it still retains the 'beeps' however they are played after the message not before.


2. New loading screen to replaced the 'loading' message present on the normal variants. It is compressed to save much time (down to 1485 bytes from 6912)


3. To further save loading time, the main code was also compressed (reduced from 32768 to 22459 bytes)


4. The decompress routine purposely returns to basic so it's easily savable as a standard 32768,32768 if desired. Also permits easy POKE entering too. Loader (used BlockEdit to display as it did not fit into one Spectrum screen) ignore odd spacing it looks fine in reality:


5. Built a ready-made Microdrive version and a +3 disk image as well. Identical to the tape version except a minor filename change for the disk due to +3DOS limitations.


6. The keypad entry was disabled as it seems superfluous these days.


7. Auto-pause has been disabled to prevent a lock-up when using an Interface 1. You can still pause the game via the usual keys but it will not 'auto pause' , also a patch was applied to prevent said lock-up if the user decides to pause the game for any reason.


8. The code that causes the in-game tune to deteriorate with each loss of life was disabled. Although intentional I've always considered it a bug in some way. I also noted (Thanks Skoolkid) that the length of each note slightly increases too with each life loss.


9. The otherwise invisible and unreachable object in the First Landing was given a form and simply moved down a few characters to enable it to be collected. This 'fix' replaces the official Software Projects fix of moving it to The Hall (where it would still be invisible) , this seems a better fix in some ways as the object is kept on the screen it was intended to be displayed on.


10. The official Software Projects 'fix' for The Banyan Tree was retained. This simply involves changing an earth cell to an air cell so the tree is climbable.


11. The official Software Projects 'fix' for The Attic was also retained with a minor alteration. The staring position of one arrow was altered slightly so that both arrows actually appear and function as was originally intended. Some 'fixes' for this it was noted remove one arrow completely.


12. The minor auto collect bug when Willy enters the Swimming Pool was fixed. There are a few ways of rectifying this however the simple method of simply changing the rope colour to cyan was used. The object form and placement remain unaltered where Matt placed it.


13. The 'double object' on The Beach was split into a single object and the 'extra' one was moved further down the beach into the 'waves'. The thought behind this is that way Willy is forced to use the conveyor to get that object.

14. The Conservatory Roof bug was fixed. The official Software Projects 'Fix' for this involves removing one fire cell so the object on the far right is just about reachable, however in practise is it almost impossible to collect them all without any life loss. After studying other variants of this screen, a different 'fix' was applied: The fire cells were moved into groups of two, followed by two objects, two more fire cells and finally two objects.


15. The issue where Willy can jump from the top of the Watch Tower (and ending up in The Off Licence as the 'Up' location is not defined) was fixed by simply shortening the ramp one block and moving the conveyor down one block. This fix is simple and it also means Willy cannot jump high enough to leave the screen via the top.


16. The concern where Willy can jump up from Dr Jones Will Never Believe This and end up hitting a fire cell in We Must Perform A Quirkafleeg was reduced by adding a fire cell to the top of the structure, making it very difficult for Willy to accidentally jump up and out of this screen in that manner and in addition the exit for 'up' from this screen was set to be the same screen so if Willy does manage to leave via the top, he will re-appear at the bottom of the screen.


17. The odd effect where Willy can jump through the top of Rescue Esmerelda and end up in The Ballroom was looked at. It's unclear if this was intentionally left in or an oversight however it did not make logical sense to allow Willy to 'teleport' in such a manner. The fix simply involves adding some earth cells to the top near the conveyor to prevent Willy from being able to exit the screen via jumping up. We gave some thought to using the empty room 47 here as The Belfry as per JSW2 but decided that would be an addition rather than a 'fix', something we wanted to avoid.


The download offers the following files:


Jetset_2015_Bugfixed_Tape.zip , containing both .tap and .tzx versions
Jetset_2015_Bugfixed_Microdrive.zip , an .mdr image for microdrive users
Jetset_2015_Bugfixed_Disk.zip , .dsk image of the tape file
Jetset Willy_BugFixed2015Edition_Speedlock_Loader.tzx , Speedlock1 based loader for real machines. 48K Mode only


Additional Files:


JSW 2015 Bugfix.rzx , rzx recording of the game being played to completion courtesy of jetsetdanny


Jetset Willy 2015 Bug Fixed Edition With Cheats_V1.tzx , Speedlock1 based loader with a selection of cheats pre-applied




Click here to download this file

#217 Jsw MSX / Tatung Einstein

Posted by Spider on 19 April 2015 - 11:28 PM

If you do the official 'Move' poke for it aka POKE 42183,11 it goes to The Hall (but as noted its still invisible) :)


Here is where it 'appears' if you apply that poke, I gave it a temporary shape simply so you can see it. Its X/Y position has not altered though that I note, only its screen appearance.




I would (guess) that perhaps it should of gone into Ballroom East instead simply as there is an item graphic already designed, then again there are several screens without objects that have item graphics already present.

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#213 Jsw MSX / Tatung Einstein

Posted by Spider on 15 April 2015 - 06:58 PM

It does not actually fit many screens, as either its "in the air", in an earth cell or in the path of a nasty.


Disregarding screens where it is "in the air" really it only leaves two: Ballroom East and The Hall, so I placed it there:






Its effectively "AT 13,22" so to speak. Interestingly the item graphic for Ballroom East was already defined, I quickly defined one for The Hall just to show its place.

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#208 Conservatory Roof Changes

Posted by Spider on 13 April 2015 - 07:50 PM

I was thinking about this earlier (the Spectrum Software Projects 'official' fix) and decided to compare a few versions to see.


As a random off topic note, I also noted that the BBC version is the only one that appears to retain the 'auto collect' object in Swimming Pool too.


Anyway, the Spectrum original, as you can see its got the four 'Fire' cells still:





Here is the fixed version of the same, I actually just used the 'They Sold A Million' re-release (the one that's curiously Speedlocked) as the 'fix' is the same, one Fire cell gone:





Now lets take a quick look at the Spectrum version of JSW2, this follows the Amstrad CPC version as expected as it was based on that from what I understand. There's just two Fire cells:





Taking a look at the Amstrad CPC version of JSW1, we can see they changed it a little bit (possibly for the better?) with the four objects and only two Fire cells:





The Amstrad CPC version of JSW2 follows the same pattern too:





The C64 version of JSW1 follows the Spectrum 'fix' in this with just one Fire cell removed:





The C64 version of JSW2 is rather more curious with an extended platform:





The BBC version of JSW1. This again follows the Spectrum in just removing one Fire cell:





Finally, the BBC version of JSW2. This breaks slightly with convention as its identical to the JSW1 version (I used the 'full' expanded disk version of this which contains nearly all the rooms including the full mansion)



#198 Jsw MSX / Tatung Einstein

Posted by Spider on 12 April 2015 - 01:02 PM

I’m confused by the screenshot of The Beach, which only shows one item. Are there two or three items on this screen? (One double and one single, or just two singles?)


Update: I now understand that one of the items probably just had blue attributes at the instant the screenshot was taken, but the wording still confuses me. I assume there is no longer a double item?


I don't think its a double item as the Spectrum version, I've always assumed that was an issue. The same way in that version the object in the Swimming Pool is auto collected.


This is caused by the attributes background, to cut a long story short I fixed my version for both of these issues:


1. I changed the rope colour to cyan which is the easiest (that I can see) fix for Swimming Pool. I've not changed its design its what Matt drew but you never get to see it otherwise.


2. The double object I used JSWED to change to 1 then placed the 'other' on the far left on the conveyor rather than remove it. I decided to do this as I thought Matt would of probably done that originally as otherwise the conveyor serves little purpose. This way you are forced to go onto it to get that other object.


3. Oh I fixed the object in the First Landing as well as some other minor bugs. I decided not follow the usual poke and move it to The Hall, it was easier to give it form (as it had no data so is invisible) and simply move it down about 20 characters.









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#174 Will's Epic in the Timeless Zone

Posted by Spider on 27 March 2015 - 08:09 PM

Great. :)


I like the 'trampoline' effect you can get on the bed to jump up higher.

#155 Jswed Editor Games

Posted by Spider on 07 March 2015 - 06:29 PM

Welcome Daniel :)


Thank you for your kind comments, appreciated. I started this site (I had planned it for a year or two before) due to the occasional difficulty in finding JSW/MM specific resources and some sites not being available anymore, thankfully there's the WayBackMachine although not ideal.


You're welcome to add a link to your site in the Site Links section, that's what its for so we can easily find other sites on the same subjects. A moderator will check/approve links after a short time (that forum is on mod queue simply to avoid off topic links etc)


If you want you could add a link to this site on your 'Links' section too.

#112 About The Site Links Forum - Please Read

Posted by Spider on 06 September 2014 - 08:18 PM

We encourage you to post a link to your site here if you wish to. :) Please take a quick note of the following basic guidelines for submitting a link:


  • Note that all topics (not replies to existing topics) in this area are subject to moderation queue so it may take a short time for your topic to appear


  • Please start a *new* topic for each site you wish to submit


  • A screenshot or thumbnail image of the site is recommended. Please use the upload facility and attach it to the topic for this rather than link the image


  • Replies to existing topics are best considered for feedback on that site link or other relevant information only


  • Links to sites containing content we feel are harmful or NSFW are not permitted

#83 Vic20 Version - Perils

Posted by Spider on 29 August 2014 - 12:53 PM

A Vic20 version was released although it bears hardly any resemblance it seems. Its more like Manic Miner in a way.


Currently I'm unable to get it to play nicely so the screenshots and information is limited. There may be more than the seven screens I have managed to assemble. From what I can recall I do not think (I could be wrong) it was not too well received at the time either:


Title Screens:


Attached File  perils_title_1.png   4.55KB   62 downloads


Attached File  perils_title_2.png   14.08KB   60 downloads



In Game Screens:

Attached File  1.png   25.65KB   61 downloads


Attached File  2.png   23.86KB   64 downloads


Attached File  3.png   24.35KB   61 downloads


Attached File  4.png   22.19KB   62 downloads


Attached File  5.png   26KB   65 downloads


Attached File  6.png   23.26KB   65 downloads


Attached File  7.png   22.92KB   64 downloads


More information will follow as soon as its available.

#81 Jsw 16K

Posted by Spider on 29 August 2014 - 10:37 AM

This is quite a remarkable achievement in my opinion, rewriting JSW to fit into a 16K machine. Its written by Jonathan Cauldwell who also wrote Arcade Game and Platform Game designers amongst many other things. :)


Naturally there are some limitations in doing this. I noted the following


  • There is no sound with the exception of a noise on a loss of life.


  • Sprites are mostly white


  • The mansion is cut down, in particular there is nothing past the Tool Shed (ie: beach etc), no MegaTree and no 'top level ie 'On The Roof' etc.


  • There's no 'boot' Game Over screen


  • There is no ending as such, the game just ends.


  • Most rooms have less sprites than the original


  • There are no ropes


  • There are no conveyors


  • I counted 37 screens although I may of missed one or two.


Attached File  loader.png   5.3KB   51 downloads



Attached File  title.png   8.23KB   50 downloads


Game Over:

Attached File  game_over.png   23.7KB   51 downloads


Onwards with some in game screenshots:


Attached File  1.png   144.96KB   53 downloads


Attached File  2.png   147.86KB   52 downloads


Attached File  3.png   146.36KB   50 downloads


Attached File  4.png   160.08KB   58 downloads


Attached File  5.png   148.04KB   54 downloads


Attached File  6.png   161.97KB   49 downloads


Attached File  7.png   158.41KB   49 downloads


Attached File  8.png   124.57KB   47 downloads


Attached File  9.png   177.18KB   50 downloads


Attached File  10.png   154.92KB   47 downloads


Attached File  11.png   85.68KB   48 downloads


Attached File  12.png   99.42KB   52 downloads


Attached File  13.png   102.9KB   55 downloads


Attached File  14.png   181.54KB   55 downloads


Attached File  15.png   179.97KB   57 downloads


Attached File  16.png   104.13KB   49 downloads


Attached File  17.png   42.65KB   51 downloads


Attached File  18.png   184.56KB   53 downloads


Attached File  19.png   85.1KB   48 downloads


Attached File  20.png   76.99KB   52 downloads


Attached File  21.png   111.79KB   51 downloads


Attached File  22.png   112.1KB   52 downloads


Attached File  23.png   152.61KB   49 downloads


Attached File  24.png   81.61KB   53 downloads


Attached File  25.png   132.5KB   49 downloads


Attached File  26.png   199.45KB   56 downloads


Attached File  27.png   195.82KB   56 downloads


Attached File  28.png   73.96KB   49 downloads


Attached File  29.png   84.01KB   55 downloads


Attached File  30.png   111.43KB   45 downloads


Attached File  31.png   136.01KB   54 downloads


Attached File  32.png   74.36KB   49 downloads


Attached File  33.png   93.25KB   51 downloads


Attached File  34.png   94.11KB   50 downloads


Attached File  35.png   62.58KB   47 downloads


Attached File  36.png   121.03KB   42 downloads


Attached File  37.png   108.84KB   47 downloads