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Suggested new MM feature

17 November 2018 - 12:18 PM

Or possibly for JSW as well ? I'm thinking Spectrum platform for adding this obviously...


A few levels are different on the BBC Micro version, unfortunately the demo does not extend to show all the levels. To cut a long story short here: Manually altering the code on this to do that can cause a crash. A bit of tweaking (thanks billcarr2005 on their forum) with the debugger allowed me to change the cavern start to be able to view them properly without having to play though the entire game.


Two video's are provided:


The Meteor Storm (replaces Solar Power Generator)


The Final Barrier (completely different layout to most other versions)


The primary reason for this topic is in both of these caverns you can see what appears to be an 'electrical discharge' effect which turns on / off. Contact with it is fatal as expected. Although the "The Meteor Storm" has four of them, "The Final Barrier" uses two of them to better effect.


Please take a moment to watch the short video's to demonstrate these, both are < 30 seconds in length:


[attachment=5963:Final_Barrier.avi] [attachment=5964:Meteor_Storm.avi]


Note these have sound but its slightly out of sync, so it may be prudent to turn the volume down or off temporarily.


Any thoughts ? :)

Extra Caverns

19 October 2018 - 11:21 AM

I was thinking about this previously but did not post about it, as even now I have not looked into it at all.


Simply put: Has anyone considered a bit of compression in the cavern design/code space to allow more to exist ? Perhaps 30 or at a push 40 caverns ?


I thought about some code saving by moving a lot of the routines to take advantage of the large-ish 'dead space' which would provide 2480 bytes at least, however that is quite a bit of an undertaking I think, plus you'd lose the easy ability of editing via JSWED unless you edited them 'where they were' then moved them after.


As I say I've not even looked into this to see how feasible or not it would be to employ some compression to increase the number of caverns, that compared to moving and adjusting/relocating the 'engine code' to provide more space near the higher end of memory is equally as much work I think.


Any thoughts ? :)

Animated Display

09 October 2018 - 08:36 AM

BBC Micro, author of the listing is Andrew Waite


Short (under 10 seconds) video of it "in action" :




Screenshot :



B Micro Emulator

08 October 2018 - 07:42 PM

A BBC Micro Emulator ... For the Spectrum (yes really)


This is obviously an off-topic thread but that's partly what 'Chat' is for aka "other things" :)


[attachment=5845:bbc_DRAW1.gif] [attachment=5846:bbc_DRAW10.gif] [attachment=5847:bbc_DRAW9.gif]


I do not have any up to date information as of yet regarding this, although it looks very interesting it was quite a few years ago work on this was started...

Falling variants

06 October 2018 - 06:39 PM

Attached are two test files, built from the Bug-Byte version:


[attachment=5834:MM Fall Test One.Tap]


[attachment=5835:MM Fall Test Two.Tap]


There are slight differences between the two, as illustrated by the combi screenshot...




... In essence, the gap is larger in 'two' compared to 'one' , the portal and items immediately above are a block higher.


The reason for this second file is if M.W falls in 'one' he can land and walk on the floor area underneath the portal. The extra file was needed to confirm if the small gap at the top between the water platforms or the portal was the immediate cause.


The use of the conveyor and gaps left to right along with the conveyor being further down was to test out the effects of left/right exit with regard to M.W's position when he emerged on the other side of the screen. The 'saw' guardians are set to slow and mainly there as 'filler' along with the roof nasty fire cells, easily avoidable.


They were built mainly to test the effects as indicated above, falling and jumping through left/right nearby or onto cell types. The layout of the cavern was picked to be relatively simple to quickly tweak to do 'other things'


It should be noted this is a cut down game file, no cavern data exists beyond the first one! Attempting to teleport into the next cavern will result in a lockup! The INC A instruction to increase the cavern number at 36907 / #902B was NOP'ed out to prevent a crash when completing the cavern or running demo mode.


The files provided are the full 32K ones with a mildly tweaked loading pic (simply as I had it to hand as an executable file rather than screen data) but are JSWED editable (at the loss of the non-standard loader but that's not a concern, again I had that 'to hand'). It would be quite easy to provide a much truncated file but this would then preclude ease of editing.


Enjoy ? :unsure: :)