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Spot the differences - part two

19 April 2018 - 11:26 AM

Well two differences really. This is not something I've really noted mentioned before :unsure:


Left is Bug Byte version , right is Software Projects version. Bear in mind the re-releases by VentaMatic and M.A.D were almost exclusively based on the Software Projects version as that was the later edition as such and as such will be identical to that version.




I've got to admit though it was the not the "most obvious difference" that I spotted first...

[File] Manic Miner - Highscore Challenge

25 March 2018 - 10:54 AM

Posted Image


File Name: Manic Miner - Highscore Challenge

File Submitter: Spider

File Submitted: 25 Mar 2018

File Category: JSWMM Releases

System: Sinclair
Original Author(s): M.Smith
Third Party Author(s): A.Ford


We are pleased to introduce a fun variant of Manic Miner, a 'High Score Challenge' The object is very simple, just obtain the maximum possible score for a cavern! The idea was inspired from a topic on the WOS forum a while ago.


Upon loading, you will be presented with a menu list of the standard caverns, simply press A to T to select one. This will then become the starting (and only) cavern to play. The caverns are completely unaltered from the standard game, as are the scoring counts.


Upon completion of a cavern once all the air has been removed, the game will purposely freeze. At this point you can make a note of your score. To restart the cavern at this point simply press BREAK (Caps+Shift)


The game is provided as both a conventional .tap tape file as well as a .z80 snapshot image.


Please feel free to tell us your best scores and we will update the rankings below!


Please note the following very minor changes were necessary to the game engine itself to facilitate:


There are infinite lives provided


A loss of life will cause both the cavern to be reset as normal as well as the score


The "Teleporter" (603179) function is disabled


There is no demo mode as such, as there is nothing really to 'demo'


As noted above, once a cavern is complete the game will freeze until BREAK is pressed


If you wish to change the cavern it will be necessary to either reload the snapshot or do a POKE 34274 , x , with x being 0 to 19 for the cavern choice.


Enjoy! :D


Central Cavern


:1st: - 1724 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1722 - Woody


:3rd: - 1721 - jetsetdanny and crunchy_frog


The Cold Room


:1st: - 1965 - Woody and jetsetdanny


:2nd: - 1963 - crunchy_frog


:3rd: - 1948 - mzx


The Menagerie


:1st: - 1903 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1891 - jetsetdanny


:3rd: - 1853 - crunchy_frog


Abandoned Uranium Workings


:1st: - 1854 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1852 - crunchy_frog


:3rd: - 1850 - jetsetdanny


Eugene's Lair


:1st: - 1700 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1696 - jetsetdanny


:3rd: - 1668 - mzx


Processing Plant


:1st: - 1818 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1809 - jetsetdanny


:3rd: - 1779 - crunchy_frog


The Vat


:1st: - 1825 - jetsetdanny and mzx


:2nd: - 1824 - crunchy_frog


:3rd: - 1684 - spider


Miner Willy meets the Kong Beast


:1st: - 4040 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 4033 - jetsetdanny


:3rd: - 3927 - cruncky_frog


Wacky Amoebatrons


:1st: - 1345 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1343 - jetsetdanny


:3rd: - 1301 - mzx


The Endorian Forest


:1st: - 1807 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1806 - mzx


:3rd: - 1805 - jetsetdanny and crunchy_frog


Attack of the Mutant Telephones


:1st: - 1720 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1719 - mzx


:3rd: - 1718 - jetsetdanny


Return of the Alien Kong Beast


:1st: - 4244 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 4243 - jetsetdanny


:3rd: - 4233 - crunchy_frog


Ore Refinery


:1st: - 1866 - jetsetdanny


:2nd: - 1722 - crunchy_frog


:3rd: - 1650 - mzx


Skylab Landing Bay


:1st: - 1765 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1762 - jetsetdanny


:3rd: - 1699 - crunchy_frog


The Bank


:1st: - 1708 - Pgyuri and jetsetdanny


:2nd: - 1679 - mzx


:3rd: - 1608 - crunchy_frog


The Sixteenth Cavern


:1st: - 1814 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1785 - mzx


:3rd: - 1729 - jetsetdanny


The Warehouse


:1st: - 1909 - jetsetdanny


:2nd: - 1907 - crunchy_frog


:3rd: - 1839 - joefish


Amoebatron's Revenge


:1st: - 1314 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1311 - jetsetdanny


:3rd: - 1177 - crunchy_frog


Solar Power Generator


:1st: - 1080 - jetsetdanny


:2nd: - 0821 - crunchy_frog


:3rd: - 0527 - spider


The Final Barrier


:1st: - 1776 - Pgyuri


:2nd: - 1775 - jetsetdanny


:3rd: - 1771 - crunchy_frog


Click here to download this file

Spectrum Computing - Oliver Twins Games

06 March 2018 - 08:12 PM

Although not a JSW subject as such, this area does cover other 'items of potential interest'
It seems that the Oliver Twins games are now freely available rather than being denied still, a positive by any accounts. I'm sure it will be appreciated by the Spectrum community. :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Spectrum Computing Gets A Present

So the community has been given quite a present is in the shape of everything The Oliver Twins have ever made on the ZX Spectrum. They have kindly given them to Spectrum Computing to host and are ready to download right now.

Below are all the links where the games are to download and will also be added to the download links page to this site.

Quote Source: spectrum-computing-gets-present


3D Starfighter

Advanced Pinball Simulator

BMX Simulator 2

Championship Jet Ski Simulator


Fantasy World Dizzy

Fast Food

Ghost Hunters

Ghostbusters II

Grand Prix Simulator

Grand Prix Simulator 2

Incredible Shrinking Sphere

Jet Bike Simulator

Operation Gunship

Panic Dizzy

Professional BMX Simulator

Professional Ski Simulator

The Race Against Time

Treasure Island Dizzy

[File] Jet Set 40-40

26 January 2018 - 08:37 PM

Posted Image


File Name: Jet Set 40-40

File Submitter: Spider

File Submitted: 10 Jan 2018

File Category: JSWMM Releases

System: Sinclair
Original Author(s): Matthew Smith
Third Party Author(s): Andy Ford, Ian Rushforth, Daniel Gromann


'Jet Set 40-40' is a redesign of Matthew Smith's classic ZX Spectrum 48K game 'Jet Set Willy' with a few interesting and unique features!


The layout of 'Jet Set 40-40' is very similar to that of the original 'Jet Set Willy', so those who have played the original will feel 'at home' immediately.


The number of rooms has been reduced to 40 and there is only one item per room. However:


The player has to collect four complete sets of items; once the last item of one set has been collected, the items of the next set will appear. The difficulty of the game will increase with each consecutive set of items, as more and more guardians emerge to threaten Willy's progress through his mansion and its surroundings!


The player is offered a choice of rooms in which they can start the game. An option of playing without some of the most extreme challenges can also be chosen.


We hope you will enjoy this 'quadruple quadragesimal' challenge!


Click here to download this file

Manic Miner Font

24 January 2018 - 10:10 PM

A question.


I took a glance at about a dozen builds of Manic Miner games but none of the ones I saw had a different font/character set for some reason.


Given that its possible to change this via a simple poke anyway and the fact there's a large chunk (2480 / #9B0 bytes) of 'usable space' at 37708 / #934C , this seems quite odd.


Note the above is the Bug-Byte version, the S.P and MAD/Venta still have the space but its not got source code remains in, it should be a bit higher up probably 33719 / #83B7 in these versions, but lets ignore those and stick with the B-B one otherwise this will get too confusing. The SP version contains a repeating pattern of 0 / #00 , 255 / #FF to 'fill' this space up.


I did try quite a few months ago to implement this change but despite my efforts at the time I could not get it to sit within a permitted boundary, given how the print routine works. The routine is identical in both JSW and MM so the 'fix' should be the same. The effects usually resulted in corrupted font output (printing graphics or nothing) or in some cases the wrong character by quite a way such as say printing "G" instead of "4" for a random example. I cannot recall exactly what was printed or not. I do recall trying then to manually just insert the font data a few bytes up or down to 'test' it (ignoring any potential crashes) but still got stuck.


In JSW to erm 'redirect' it elsewhere it is simply POKE 38546 / #9692 , x , this instruction is merely LD H , 7 so its the 7 that we would change.


In MM the same code resides at 37579 / #92CB and the instruction is the same LD H , 7 , so the change is POKE 37580 / #92CC , x to replace the 7 with another value.


There is the slight chance of putting the 'font code' elsewhere such as buried in the top third of the graphic data or the middle section however given how the screen memory (and memory in general) it would take a lot of work to 'hide' it there without destroying what was present. The huge gap would be great *if* it could be used, the fact its a shade over 2K in size does make me think this is possible.


Any thoughts ? :)