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WOS Classic

03 July 2020 - 07:39 PM



Overview here


Topic on Spectrum Computing about this > https://spectrumcomp...php?f=24&t=2947


Spectrum release preference

02 July 2020 - 08:35 PM

I wonder why most (if not nearly all) third party modifications to Manic Miner use the Bug-Byte variant instead of the Software Projects one.


I realise the BB release came before the SP one, but the latter does fix up a couple of small issues main one being the joystick control for an Interface2


I consider the disassembly however some early mods may of appeared before this was out and about, I've not checked dates on that though. I do plan a difference file with skoolkit to create an SP version of it at some future point too, it is on my radar so to speak.



Unless it was down to sheer numbers of tape sales, as there are/were more BB MM tapes about, I can recall this from B.I.T.D too, I never saw a SP version for the Spectrum in the shops, whereas nearly all the other versions were (the reason for that is they were only released by SP) , also if you take a look at a non-ZX site for -ahem- "game downloads" and grab a Spectrum version or two of MM, chances are they will be the BB version.




This is partly why the last few MM variants out the door here have been SP based as it really needs a bit more airing I think. I'm not saying its superior in any way as the changes are relatively small all-in-all but they are appreciated ones.

Editing other platforms

21 June 2020 - 06:22 PM

I was thinking a while back about this...


Has anyone given any thought to editing other machines versions of JSW and/or MM ?


In particular perhaps the BBC Micro and Amstrad versions.



I am aware of one slightly modified MM Amstrad game but from memory only the first couple of caverns were edited and nothing else.


In theory at least MM and perhaps JSW1 on the Amstrad (but I've not looked if they use the compression stuff they do with JSW2 in JSW1 on here) ought not to be that difficult to do.


The BBC version (not Electron version!) despite being 6502 based may not be that bad either, although I'm not sure how the room data is stored in that, I am well aware that it would be sensible to avoid JSW2 on this platform given there's two versions of it but that's something detailed in another topic. Suffice to say the tape/disc versions of JSW1 and MM are single loaded and work 'as is' without further input data requests. This JSW version -does- play really well I think, MM would be OK had the sprite flicker been fixed, I understand there's actually a theoretical fix for that.


[attachment=7191:b_m1.jpg] [attachment=7192:b_j1.jpg]


Plenty of screenshots of this and other versions in their appropriate topic(s)


So the question remains, are there any thoughts to editors on these platforms perhaps ? I've purposely excluded some other variants for being too poor and/or too similar. C64 (square stairs -sigh- and bugs galore) and MSX (near ZX identical) etc. The Oric Atmos version of MM is not bad though p[rovided you use the third party fixed release not the original release, but no-one ported JSW to it yet.



[File] Manic Miner - DarkLight Modification

17 June 2020 - 01:01 PM

Posted Image


File Name: Manic Miner - DarkLight Modification

File Submitter: Spider

File Submitted: 17 Jun 2020

File Category: JSWMM Releases

System: Sinclair
Original Author(s): M. Smith
Third Party Author(s): Pgyuri


An interesting twist to a regular Manic Miner game!


Miner Willy can only 'see' what his lamp would conventionally light, making the game much much harder to play.


Both BB and SP variants are included in individual zip files (as .tzx tape format) as well as the authors instructions with patch file to allow this change to be applied to third party games too.


The .tzx's are 'ready to play' complete with loader. A small change to the original loading screen was applied too, in essence the attribution text present in the SP variant loading screen is applied to the BB version as well as the removal of the 'flash' effect from the screen itself.




Click here to download this file

Portal Change Idea

08 May 2020 - 04:12 PM

I did have an idea the other day and today thought I'd try it. Although I'd made a mistake in my code and it did not work (plus something else, namely I think needing to shuffle a bit of code about) , the idea I thought may of had merit.


Two ways of doing it, either set the airbourne counter to #FF and jump back into the main loop or drop into the collision detection "kill" routine. It does seem slightly confusing as to if a POP is needed here to zap the last return address off the stack however.


Simply put the idea was : The Portal is fatal on contact unless its active. :)


The Kong caverns might be possible if jump and left is held down (not tested!) as M.W will not be in contact with it if he walks left under the earth wall with jump held down, causing him to leap up as soon as possible.


Just a passing thought...