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Just wrong...

01 December 2017 - 03:32 PM






Thoughts about denied compilations

14 October 2017 - 01:02 PM

Merely interested in any thoughts... A poll is attached and it is anonymous.


Various compilations have a 'denied' status due to their content, where the entire or near entire content is built from denied games well that's fair enough. Although from a personal standpoint I am slightly curious by some things being in this state these days, that is a completely different matter and up to the author(s) concerned if they wish to release or not their titles. :)


The question or concern (depending on how you want to view it) is about preservation and originality. Let us take two examples to work with as that will easily explain this all. For 'available' I refer to it being downloadable on its own individual page where it was originally a 'stand alone' release.


"Games compilation one"


1. Game one (available)

2. Game two (available)

3. Game three (denied)

4. Game four (available)

5.Game five (available)

6. Game six (available)

7. Game seven (denied)

8. Game eight (available)



"Games compilation two"


1. Game one (denied)

2. Game two (denied)

3. Game three (available)

4. Game four (denied)

5. Game five (denied)



The compilations are not available because they contain a denied titles. I have purposely not included 'real' examples although I could do if required. There are several schools of thought on this however:


In order to ensure the files that are available are original and unmodified, the tape file is denied due to its content. This does make perfectly logical sense until you consider the small fact that the 'available' titles inside a denied compilation might be quite different to their 'stand alone' variants. By this I mean:


1. They might contain a completely different type of loader, something that would interest the 'tape loading fans'

2. They might well have bug fixes such as +2A-B / +3A-B compatibility added.


Using the examples above, there seems not a mass need to make available the little content on "Games compilation two" unless it really did have something special in the available title, however for "Games compilation one" to my mind at least it would make sense to make this available minus the denied titles.


All the above is just my own thoughts, I'm not trying to get anyone anywhere to change their policies. :)

Game Maker Manic Miner

13 October 2017 - 10:33 AM

Well it is an editor I guess. :)


Game Maker information can be found here


Here are the relevant Blog entries pertaining to Manic Miner:


Part One , Two , Three , Four , Five

Across the platforms, a comparison

12 October 2017 - 12:13 PM

Initially I planned on two topics for this: One called "The final barrier through the ages" or similar and another one for the Central Cavern, after a little thought a single topic seemed a bit better.


Anyway here are some comparison screenshots of both the Central Cavern and The Final Barrier from various platforms. :)


I do realise I have not covered all platforms here however there are some genuine reasons for this plus these are the relatively popular versions.


It is quite interesting to see the differences between them when they are directly placed next to each other. The actual game-playing image sizes do vary quite a bit so I have set them to be (within sensible proportions) similar, but not exactly the same resolutions as that would spoil the comparison effect.


The images displayed are in the following order: Amstrad CPC , ZX Spectrum , Oric Atmos , Commodore C16/+4 , BBC Micro , Einstein/MSX , Dragon 32 , Commodore 64 , IBM PC.



Central Cavern:


[attachment=4767:amstrad_cs.png] [attachment=4768:spectrum_cs.png] [attachment=4769:oric_cs.png] [attachment=4775:c16_cs.png] [attachment=4770:bbc_cs.png] [attachment=4776:einstein_cs.png] [attachment=4771:dragon_cs.png] [attachment=4772:c64_cs.bmp.png] [attachment=4773:pc_cs.png]



Final Barrier:


[attachment=4777:amstrad_fb.png] [attachment=4785:spectrum_fb.png] [attachment=4783:oric_fb.png] [attachment=4779:c16_fb.png] [attachment=4778:bbc_fb.png] [attachment=4782:einstein_fb.png] [attachment=4781:dragon_fb.png] [attachment=4780:c64_fb.bmp.png] [attachment=4784:pc_fb.png]

Spot the difference

02 October 2017 - 05:08 PM

Not a trick honestly. :)




Can you see the small (clue?) difference here between these ? The left pic is the original, the right pic is the 'fixed' one.


Its not the white paper on the right hand 'river bank' that appears intentional like white sand/cliff.


Another clue:



I have not obtained the poke to fix this just yet, a bit of a fuddle to get it but not too difficult... From memory on the 'full loading screen' version of this I did, I fixed quite a few things I'd noticed but this is confined to a single (another clue?) fix.