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In Topic: Vic20 Version - Perils

29 September 2018 - 12:22 PM

Updated to the 3rd method. (with the other 2)

Was not happy with the speed. So decided to use stack copy with a sprite screen save routine. E.g. The sprite draws on the screen and at the same time saves the background it writes to. Doing this removes one of the long and slow stack copy routines.

100% this is easily fast enough to do perils of willy.

In Topic: Vic20 Version - Perils

27 September 2018 - 05:57 PM

wrote a stack copy version and wondered why it was so slow. Checked the code, and noticed I was redrawing everything on every loop. (it was a test file)

With the stack copy the game is viable in this format.

In Topic: Vic20 Version - Perils

27 September 2018 - 03:59 PM

Interested in how this would look if written in the manor I would write it.

File included. written over three hours.

I have no intention of writing this game, and was more interested in the speed aspect of adding a big chunk of extra screen.
Possible to increase speed with stack copy. Perhaps I should alter this code to see what a stack copy would do.

The screen mapping is the same height as perils and the width would be mapped as 1.5 blocks per original block. Would still need platforms jiggling about.


Again I will state I have no interest in writing this. 


1st file "pow.tap" uses LDI
2nd file "Pow Stack 2.tap" uses Stack copy -  can move left right.
3rd file "Power.tap" uses a block save and stack copy


In Topic: Vic20 Version - Perils

27 September 2018 - 08:16 AM

The spectrum playing area and hence the editing area of jsw on the spectrum is 32 tiles wide by 16 tiles high,
The perils of willy uses the Vic 20 screen which is 22 tiles wide and 23 tiles high. (this can be changed).

Just the fact that the vic 20 game perils of willy has more than 16 tiles in height makes a conversion to the spectrum a non event using the existing clones of jsw on the spectrum. I am ignoring the tile aspect ratio, and the problems with the width. 

If the screens are remapped to use only 16 tiles in height, then it is not a rewrite onto the spectrum, but a re-design based on the Perils of Willy, which is not the same.

The Perils of Willy has a set of known bugs that are used to progress in the later levels. These bugs might be present in JSW on the spectrum, but if they are not then a copy has to remap the screen and change the movement of the game, and hope that it bears resemblance to the original.  

Easier to start again- how about using PGD?

In Topic: Finding a Jet Swt Willy game using a room name

26 August 2018 - 12:32 PM

Taking heed of advice  (post 20) the two files  (post 19 ) have been zipped into a folder.

The original problem was the forums interface will not permit the uploading of executable files e.g. .exe and .com
To overcome that problem I renamed the two files and uploaded them .TAP with the explanation for the need to rename back to .exe files.

However post 20 pointed out that this forums interface will permit Zipped files, which removes the problem associated with .exe and .com files

Since that is a neater and quicker solution for others, the files that needed renaming along with the text explaining the need to rename the files (in post 19) has been deleted. In their place is one single zipped file.