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[File] JSW 128 VL5

13 October 2018 - 01:49 PM

File Name: JSW 128 VL5

File Submitter: Norman Sword

File Submitted: 13 Oct 2018

File Category: Jet Set Willy [Remakes]

System: Sinclair
Third Party Author(s): Norman Sword.

JSW 128 VL5


This was written just after JSW 128 VK3.


It is an extension of the game, which I pushed towards the feel of Manic Miner
In this version changed over a period of two weeks, I took the idea of game save status and changed the way JET SET WILLY plays. If you can play JET SET WILLY then this version might actually be a hindrance to you.
For the lesser player it adds the ability to keep on trying a sequence of the game until they master it.
The only constraint to finishing is the time limit. There are no lives to be decimated, you are totally free to roam, and free to try any action.
The catch is simply that for every instance that you would normally die and loose a life you transported back to the last portal that you visited. Infinite lives and lots of time, sounds easy to finish?
The double catch is that every time you die the game re-installs all the objects collected since the last portal, it also resets the ammo.
This makes collecting objects different from when you play with infinite lives, a death jump or leap to collect an object, will not collect the object but will transport you back to the last portal, which might be some distance away. You have to perfect all the paths that collect objects and manage to get to a portal and save them.
It also changes the way willy re-appears back in a room after death. In this version that simply does not happen, he is moved back to the last portal.


f you don't visit the portals then a death could take you back many many rooms and many, many objects collected. Those portals are the most important place to visit.
If the game was easy in the standard format, then this version will not have any change in how you play, its design is for the casual player to permit wandering without real consequence.
One technical change from JSW128 VK3 was that is Willy does not change colour when immune. This was changed to the room name changes colour when immune instead. This small change was to enable willy to jump on ropes when immune.
It has an inbuilt cheat mode, which uses a different cheat code from all other versions.

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[File] JSW 128 VK3.Tap

01 July 2018 - 08:59 PM

Posted Image


File Name: JSW 128 VK3.Tap

File Submitter: Norman Sword

File Submitted: 01 Jul 2018

File Category: Jet Set Willy [Remakes]

System: Sinclair
Original Author(s): Norman sword


Altered Reality.


The basic Core of this game is Matthew Smiths original code.
Which although edited still runs in the original 48K


Due to extensive compression and rewrites of the original code this version.


Runs at double the original speed
Runs with up to 16 sprites per room
Runs with up to 32 arrows per room
Has diagonal sprites
Has mid sprite bounce
Has homing sprites
Has 128 rooms
and .....


I will leave the user/player to work out what has changed.


Uses "G" key- "H" key- and the "K" and "L" key


Technical addendum :- files needed to construct the game




These files are used to generate the game file


main files:-
mnjsw9.asm 15,264 lines in 423,867 bytes
manic_edit_copy.asm 342 lines in 10,576 bytes
fixed_page.asm 1,249 lines in 48,929 bytes
merged.asm 40 lines in 2,096 bytes


included data files when assembling
x0 1132 lines in 39k ; big data statements
x1 286 lines in 20k
x2 509 lines in 22k
x3 1103 lines in 41k


included binary files when assembling
edited-edit_3 6.75k


650 lines in 20k
game files
jsw0.tap 30.9k
jsw1.tap 30.9k


the files control.txt jsw0.tap and jsw1.tap are processed by saveab1.bas


this is 1651 lines of qbasic in 48.07k


The process's includes- read room layout, compress data -output room layout data
read sprite data and read control file, change sprite data compress and output
reconfigure the key data and output
read the room data, discard unwanted data compress and output
in essence the basic file is taking the two games and merging into a set of output files, needed to assemble


A sprite editor and a room editor, along with an assortment of checking data files
All in, around 790k of associated files and data for version "K".


Which is why old versions are discarded when I update the logic


I am currently on version "L" - which is a big change in game play


Click here to download this file

Remake of Manic Miner- Both bug byte and S.P. versions

28 December 2017 - 08:48 PM

Posted elsewhere on this forum, just moving into the download category as well.

This version of Manic Miner contains both the Software projects version of the game alongside the Bug byte version.


Each time the game is played it will swap versions.


I have edited and revised a lot of the routines. The game should play the same way as the original game. A lot of the changes would need you to be aware of the originals exact format to enable comparisons.


Cheat is enabled (bug-byte password)


differences that I can remember


1) demo cycle stops and redisplayed the title screen and replays the title music

2) added a credits screen

3) added explosions on credit screen

4) added intermission screen

5) change scroll to pixel scroll and not character scroll

6) will moves with a sprite mask

7) explosion on death

8) willies death stump scrolls onto the screen

9) score scrolls to high score

10) reason given for demise

11) sound effects on solar ray

12) collection sound

13)  cheat modes rebuild platforms

14) cheat mode immunity

15) cheat mode move by a single key, and not multi combinations of keys

16) cheat mode plays with all sprites active

17) game swaps between two versions- Bug Byte and software Projects

18) other sound effects

19) less sprite flicker

20) game runs faster

21) multiple icon displays

22) bar graph on title screen

23) Animated version icon on title screen

24) keyboard layout on title screen fixed

24a) title screen. missing pixel on car replaced

25) new screen scrolls

26) easter egg on Credit screen

27) easter egg on Pause

28) skylab landing sound effect

29) skylab does not colour in platforms




standard movement keys e.g. "q" to "p" for left to right

"z" to "m" jump"

"a" to "g" pause

"h to "enter" music on/off


The "1" key changes the method of movement.



In cheat mode. the boot will still be displayed

various icons are active and indicate options selected

The "9" key rebuilds platforms

the "3" key activates platform rebuild option (tool kit)

the "4" key activates immortality (medical kit)

The "9" key held plus Tapping "1" will move to a previous screen. If on room 1 then it will go to room 20 

The "9" key held plus tapping "2" will move to the next screen. If on room 20 then it will go to room 1


Bug byte cheat is 6031769



Icons displayed are from right to left



Alternate movement

Music on

Cheat invoked

medical kit

tool kit

A test file for JSW

29 November 2017 - 02:14 PM

This file serves no purpose, apart from toying with an idea, and showing the results of that toying.



For years the baddies have dominated this game, and they think they have Willy on the ropes and scared.


Take back control.


In addition to the normal movement keys I have added (actually reassigned) two more keys.


Press "F" for the first effect ----  part restricted in usage.


whilst holding down "F" press "G" for the second effect.



The room will reset after each visit. (so no sprites were harmed in allowing this effect to happen)


When I wrote this I was aware of the BUG caused by stairs which affected the bullet  sprite alignment. I was not going to fix it, but since then I have become aware of another problem concerning the time over data. (which was over written). So reluctantly I have rewritten some of the code.


Willy 007.tap     original File

Willy 007a.tap   stair fix - sound fx fix - time over fix 

Emulator key scanning

07 November 2017 - 09:14 AM

When running JSW on an emulator, it quickly becomes evident that the emulator has problems scanning the keys.


This problem manifests itself, if the cheat code has been typed in and key combinations are required to jump to rooms.


This can/coulld be a problem caused by either the host hardware, the emulator, or both. 



This short program will simply display key presses as interpreted by the host machine and passed through the emulator.



I find it fascinating that on one of the emulators I use ("FUSE") has so many problems. 


For example Press and hold "F" and "G" ., the rest of the row will now be ignored, except "ENTER".

e.g. "A", "S", "D", "H", "J", "K", "L" will not register


This is a different problem than the one experienced on a real ZX spectrum. Where the key scanning can interpret groups of keys as phantom key presses.