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#9043 Oric Version

Posted by krazyminer on 25 February 2018 - 03:28 PM

The version I tried, and redistributed on my page, is the one downloaded from this page. Does anybody have an alternative ORIC Manic Miner version?


A clean original would be best, with the key code copy protection intact and a dump of the original color code map. At least we would know it is okay.


EDIT: I found one from oric.org, but I do not know how to load it with Oricutron. There is a file called manic_cheat.zip there and it contains different versions.


MANIC0.TAP is the loader for the MANIC1.TAP (original tape), I guess. According to the docs we should load MANIC0.TAP first and according to my understanding it would load MANIC1.TAP. But I know nothing of ORIC, I cannot get loading to work. :mellow:


EDIT2: Finally good news! I got loading to work, it was a simple error on my part. So to load the ORIC Manic Miner from oric.org with Fedora Linux Oricutron, I did:


/opt/oricutron/bin/oricutron --tape MANIC0.TAP


After that Oric Atmos emulation will respond "Searching...".


You have to press F1 and select "Insert Tape", then Choose MANIC1.TAP and it will load!!!


Note that this version is not hacked, it is the clean original, so it contains the color code verification. But no problem, you can get the color chart from oric.org too!


I plan to redistribute them on my site, too, for easy download to Fedora Linux Oricutron downloaders. Maybe you should grab those files to share, too!

#9042 Oric Version

Posted by krazyminer on 25 February 2018 - 03:21 PM

Hello guys!


I am sad to say I have very bad news indeed! :wacko:


ORIC Manic Miner TAP with SHA1 checksum:




seems to be corrupted (or my "select room" hack could be broken!). I just practiced ORIC Manic Miner with infinite lives and I made it to the seventeenth room "Home At Last" (I started from The Sixteenth Cavern).


So the room 17 was corrupted and likewise are all these:


17 - home at last

19 - down the pit
21 - at the centre of the earth
28 - not central cavern
30 - amoebatrons' revenge
31 - solar powered generator

This is a horrible setback. I must try to find another TAP file and test with it. :(

#9027 Bbc Version

Posted by krazyminer on 21 February 2018 - 09:20 PM

You're welcome. :) That particular compilation is only available here, I built it using stardot's game files, with a few filename changes to make them sit nicely onto one disk properly (and work!) , this is why there's the 'credit line' for stardot as well as here.
Pleased to know you've enjoyed it though. :thumbsup:

Great work! It is nice to have them on one virtual disk! Good working versions, this is cool. When did you form this site? I have been a MM and JSW fan since 1983. Well worth having a community of their own. These games are legendary and must not be forgotten.

#9023 Bbc Version

Posted by krazyminer on 21 February 2018 - 08:04 PM

You may be interested in this then perhaps. :)




This includes both the 'tape' and 'disk' version of JSW2 as they are different even though these days they are mostly disk based. Summary simply is the 'disk' version mirrors other versions and loads rooms from disk as you play, whereas the 'tape' version retains most of the 'space station' rooms but has very few mansion rooms.


You'll see what I mean about the flickering effect though, if you compare Manic Miner to JSW (either version)

Yeah, thanks! I downloaded the compilation and tried Jet Set Willy on B-em emulator. JSW is technically superior to the BBC Micro Manic Miner, there is no flicker, JSW seems smooth and agile to my eyes. I guess I have to try out more JSW ports, but the game is sooooo difficult and scary. :D

#9016 Bbc Version

Posted by krazyminer on 21 February 2018 - 03:25 PM

Thanks. :D I'll have a go at this later. :thumbsup:
Have you noticed that the 'game engine' is different between MM and JSW on this platform ? Compared to other platforms at least. By this I mean generally MM on the BBC is quite slow and the Miner sprite especially is very flickery, at least compared to JSW. Not quite sure why its like the BBC version of MM 'needs' the JSW 'core' in it, to control/print sprites. :unsure:

No, I did not know it. I have seen Jet Set Willy only on C64.

#9003 Bbc Version

Posted by krazyminer on 21 February 2018 - 08:32 AM

Hello! Inspired by the ORIC port, I wanted to try the BBC Micro version too. I wanted two features for practicing:


- infinite lives

- ability to select rooms at will


That required a pretty ugly hack to B-em emulator to enable RAM dumps and RAM writes at emulation runtime. I wrote a rather detailed article about the Manic Miner hacking:




Sorry, B-em 2.2.3kk and thus the Manic Miner hacks are available only for Linux. I offer my unofficial hacked B-em 2.2.3kk binary RPM for Fedora Linux 27 and there is also a source RPM available. The source RPM might compile easily on other RPM based Linux distributions. You can also extract the source RPM with rpm2cpio to compile from tar.gz on pretty much any Linux, I suppose.


Have fun!

#8994 Oric Version

Posted by krazyminer on 20 February 2018 - 05:24 PM

Talking of collections / collecting, you may want to speak to Dasse actually as this topic may prove interesting. :)

What a nice collection! I think I have: C64, MSX, Dragon, BBC, C16, Amstrad and three different ZX Spectrum releases. I do not want Mastertronic rereleases or modern stuff, just 8-bit. ORIC release would be cool to have!

#8980 Oric Version

Posted by krazyminer on 19 February 2018 - 05:59 PM

Hello Spider! I just wrote a small article about this nice ORIC Manic Miner. I do not know if you allow links but here it is:




It illustrates two very small hacks to get infinite lives and to enable room selection. The POKEs I found on the web would not work for me.

#8976 Oric Version

Posted by krazyminer on 19 February 2018 - 11:44 AM

Thanks, the extra caves look fantastic. I have been looking for the original ORIC tape (or disk!) release for eight years. No luck so far, sadly!