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JSW Main Sprite possible improvement?

12 May 2019 - 11:01 PM

Hi, was wondering if there's a version of JSW for Spectrum where the main Willy sprite isn't choppy as it animates?


When watching youtube vids of JSW running on the Amstrad or Atari ST for example, the Willy sprite is solid & stable when he walks/jumps etc, which i really like, but the Spectrum version is definitely my fave version so thinking it would be brilliant to have an available version of JSW for Speccy with a nice solid stable main sprite. 


Is there a Spectrum emulator that you may have used and noticed it solves this issue, or maybe someone has already had a try at this request and it's seemingly not possible/not worth it?


Some might say that the Speccy's Willy sprite is choppy on the original hardware, choppy with the emulators and the imperfection is part of the charm, but i personally think it would be brilliant to have clean animation on the main sprite if there's any possibility of it.


Would love to hear any thoughts on this and thanks guys