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In Topic: [File] Bugfixed, completable version of "Still Stealin' "

17 November 2019 - 01:23 AM

I've corrected the typo. The game is called:


Still Stealin' aka Fahrenheit 2002

In Topic: Bugfixed, completable versions of "The Down and Out Trilogy"

16 November 2019 - 11:41 PM

As it turns out, I was trying to upload a ZIP package with the game and Readme using the screenshots upload functionality! How stupid of me! :o Thanks to Andy for pointing that out.


I have now uploaded the three parts of the "The Down and Out Trilogy" to the Downloads section of this forum. You can download them from the following links:


Skint Willy


Willy the Rogue


Steal Stealin'


The download pages also feature descriptions (copied from the Readme files) of the changes applied to the original game files, plus some screenshots.


I should also mention that I have recorded the walkthroughs of all three files for RZX Archive. They haven't been uploaded there yet, but I have sent them off to Daren, so hopefully they'll become available for download over there soon.


I managed to complete:

"Skint Willy" - at 8.58 a.m. in-game time, with one life lost. This life has to be lost in "Conservatory Room", just as in the original JSW and its different variants, and so I did not think it was necessary to correct this - it is almost "customary" for the player to lose one life at this particular spot*.

"Willy the Rogue" - at 8.46 a.m. in-game time, with no life lost.

"Steal Stealin'" - at 9.01 a.m. in-game time, with no life lost.



* My personal ideal of elegance in a JSW game is that, no matter how hard it may be, it  should be possible to complete it without losing a single life. However, since I fixed "Skint Willy" based on the premise that only those issues need to be addressed which make the game incompletable, losing the life in "Conservatory Room" was not one of them.

In Topic: JSW's 35th birthday party at Manchester PLAY Expo

13 November 2019 - 07:47 PM

Actually, there's probably no need to pause the game at all is there really? Just hit the 'Print Screen' button whilst the game is running on your emulator, then paste into MS Paint (or whatever), crop the image and save it as a JPEG/PNG/whatever.

That's what I tend to do (and, like you, take another one if there's an obvious glitch).


Yes, you're right.


I pause the game using the emulator pause function for two reasons:


1. It gives me a certain degree of control over what snapshot I am going to take. If I don't like the particular moment of the game, I can upause it and pause it again after half a second (or later). If I just took a screenshot at that moment and didn't quite like it, the "moment" would be gone before I were able to have a good look at the screenshot and decide I want to take another one.


This is important taking into account that I often take screenshots while replaying an RZX recording. I try to take screenshots showing all of the "basic" features of the room, such as items and arrows. If I took a screenshot, didn't like it, and by the time I knew I didn't like it Willy would have collected an item in the recording, I would have to start the recording from the beginning to take a screenshot of this particular room (as you can't rewind an RZX recording backwards). It's always a waste of time, and if we are talking about one of the big games, forwarding it from the beginning to the middle can take a few minutes, even using the maximum emulation speed possible.


2. When the game is paused, I can see a glitch *before* taking the screenshot. I can then unpause the game and pause it again and see if everything looks good this time before taking the screenshot.

In Topic: JSW's 35th birthday party at Manchester PLAY Expo

13 November 2019 - 07:38 PM

It should be accessible by pressing all the keys from 1-6 along with the 9 key (111111 in binary = 63 in decimal).  It's only when you go beyond that that you would need to pick up an additional number key.


However, depending on what emulator you are using, not all number key combinations are always possible...


Thanks, Ian.


I don't think pressing all of these keys at the same time works on the emulators I'm using (ZX Spin and Spectaculator). If someone is sure otherwise, please let me know.


It's an interesting example of how emulation may actually be deficient in comparison with the original hardware (you can access a room by Writetyper on the Spectrum, but not on emulator)...

In Topic: JSW's 35th birthday party at Manchester PLAY Expo

11 November 2019 - 12:17 AM

Ian, my replies are in green below.


> If you pause the game using the emulator's pause function, then you might chance upon a moment during flow of execution when sprites have only been partially updated - something which Norman Sword refers to as a 'jagged finger' effect, except in this circumstance it would be frozen in time (and therefore very obvious), rather than being an instantaneous (but visible to the keen eye) flicker. Ditto with the updating of the colour-attributes - if you pause at a moment when the pixels have been updated during the current time-frame but not yet the attributes, then you could for example have arrows drawn in an INK colour other than white [assuming the engine isn't hacked for non-white arrows anyway], if the screen in question has Air cells with non-matching INK and PAPER colours [which is usually the case with rooms that have a rope].


Thanks for this detailed description, Ian! :)



> So I personally think that pausing the game using the in-game pause button is a more sound approach in order to capture a comprehensive screenshot - but you then have the problem (usually) that the screen colour-cycling kicks in before long. So I would say that a combination of pausing in-game, and then hitting the emulator's pause button before the colour-cycling commences, would probably be the best approach for grabbing screenshots.


Yes, you're right. One could also use the in-game pause button and then take the screenshot immediately, before the screen colour-cycling kicks in (without using the emulator's pause button).


However, in my further practice I will probably just carry on using the method I have used so far. Taking screenshots is a tedious enough exercise anyway, so I won't complicate it any further, especially that, as I mentioned, I am not worried about taking a screenshot that would show something you can see on an emulator only, not on the real hardware - because we are in the emulator age now.


Having said that, whenever I take a screenshot and see that it's not right - because the guardians are not drawn properly or the colour of the arrows is other than white (in an unmodified game) - I retake the screenshot. So there...



> The quote above appears contradictory to me - I'm not sure whether you're saying that you do include screenshots of rooms that are only accessible by WRITETYPER, or whether you don't tend to include screenshots of such rooms in JSW Central? EDIT: By which I mean, the 'Correction' does not appear to contradict your original statement, despite being labelled a 'correction'!


What I meant was: I initially wrote that I had not yet come across the necessity to decide whether or not to include screenshots of rooms accessible only via WRITETYPER. Than I realised that I had come across such a case, i.e. in Willy's Flashback. That was the correction.



> However, the entry for 'Jet Set Mini' certainly does include a screenshot of the unaccessible (other than by using WRITETYPER) room called 'Cheating?' But in that case, accessing the room does not necessarily cause an Infinite Death Scenario [unless you happen to teleport into the path of a guardian], although it does cause Willy's INK colour to turn yellow - with the consequence that even if you teleport back out of that room and back into the mansion, Willy can no longer collect items - a suitable punishment for trying to cheat!


I forgot about that. Yes, you're absolutely right. In fact, the screenshot of "Cheating?" is accompanied by the description "One room, otherwise inaccessible, can be reached by using the Writetyper cheat."



> I would add that, depending on what causes the instant death, a screenshot captured by pausing the game within such a room may or may not show the full picture. e.g. if Willy collides with a guardian that appears early in the guardian list for the room, and is therefore drawn first, then later guardians in the list would not be displayed. If Willy hits a Fire cell (or if all the Air cells in the room are effectively Fire cells, because the attributes for Air and Fire match), then no guardians will be drawn at all, because the Main Loop reacts to Willy hitting a Fire cell before it gets chance to CALL the Draw the Guardians routine.


Yes, absolutely.


Having given it some thought and taking the existing precedent (the room "Cheating?" in Mini) into account, I would like to include a screenshot of the room "How on earth did you get here ?!" from "Join The Jet-Set!" on JSW Central, taken after I have teleported into that room in-game using WRITETYPER. The screenshot would be as good (or as poor) as it is possible to make it, i.e. it would most probably not show any guardians (because they are not drawn before Willy gets killed, I believe).


However, I am wondering if that is possible at all? What would be the WRITETYPER code to access room 63, which "How on earth did you get here ?!" is???