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#11390 Yahoo Groups going away

Posted by jetsetdanny on 18 October 2019 - 01:35 AM

Thanks for this (sad) news, John!


Apart from the messages, photos are worth saving, too. IIRC, there are some of rooms from unfinished projects - games which were never released and whose files have not been available publicly. These pictures are all that is left of them in public, I believe.

#11377 JSW Central

Posted by jetsetdanny on 16 September 2019 - 11:23 PM

Thanks, Andy! :)


I've had a look at the videos of both games.


Roller Coaster is on the list because it was "inherited" from Andrew Broad's list (including the short description). It does differ from JSW in e.g. the ability to walk through guardians, but it is OK for the "Games of MM and JSW interest" page.


Tarantula seems too different from JSW to me. The protagonist can apparently fly, which is a big difference, and he doesn't die when he touches the enemies, only seems to lose a bit of energy, a la Dynamite Dan. Visually and because of the gameplay Tarantula looks more like Underwurlde to me than anything else.


I will give the matter another thought later on, but at the moment I am not inclined to include it. However, thanks for the suggestion - any suggestions for this section are always welcome! :)

#11366 Manic Miner for the Colour Maximite

Posted by jetsetdanny on 09 September 2019 - 12:13 PM

Great stuff, Geoff! :) Congratulations on porting Manic Miner to the Colour Maximite and thanks for sharing the news here!  :thumbsup:

#11365 We're Back!

Posted by jetsetdanny on 09 September 2019 - 12:09 PM

It's great to see the forum back online!  :D


Thanks for restoring it, Andy!  :thumbsup:

#11343 JSW Central

Posted by jetsetdanny on 01 August 2019 - 05:07 PM

I am pleased to announce another update of JSW Central  :)


The highlights:


1. A "proper" main page has been created, giving an overview of the site (previously links to the Home page led to the main list of MM and JSW games).
2. Two new sections: "Authors about their games" and "What's new?" have been added to the site.
The section "Authors about their games" was created at this time because I received "exclusive" input from Paul Equinox Collins, the author of "JSW: The '96 Remix" and "It's Wet Jelly", and from Leslie Marwick, the author of "Spaceman Willy", and I wanted to put it online. To make the section a little more than a nucleus, I added descriptions of games by Richard Hallas (copied from his website - with his kind explicit permission), Andrew Broad - using his generic permission to quote his texts: "I give my permission to quote anything I ever posted in public (provided of course that it's properly attributed, and not taken out of context to make me look bad)", and myself. I would like to extend warm thanks to Paul and Leslie for sending me their input and to Richard for allowing me to use the texts from his website!
There are links from the authors' texts (their titles, to be exact) to the games' individual pages, and there are links from the games' pages to the authors' descriptions. One doubt I have is whether it is better that these open in a new tab (as is currently the case) or not - please advise if you have a strong opinion on it after browsing JSW Central.
I will develop this section gradually, but it is not a priority for me - my next big (and slow) task will be to provide a complete screenshot gallery for each game's individual page. However, I will prioritise the addition of new entries to "Authors about their games" if authors send me their input - please do, I will be happy to publish it on JSW Central! :)
The "What's new?" section is self-explanatory, of course. Its creation responds to a suggestion I've received of making the updates more visible so that people know the site is up to date.
3. The "About JSW Central" section has been modified and renamed "Brief history", to reflect its content better and in order not to duplicate the current home page.
4. The panel on the left side has been modified to reflect the changes in the section layout.
5. Links to their recently-created pages on Spectrum Computing have been added on several games' pages.
6. Chronology has been updated.
There have also been various other minor updates here and there which are not worth describing in detail.
Enjoy! :)

#11275 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 19 July 2019 - 03:29 AM

Ian, thanks a lot for these detailed explanations!  :thumbsup:  You have designed these features in a very cunning way, in my opinion, and it's good to know how they were implemented exactly :).


Recording a smooth RZX walkthrough of "Mini" will be my next JSW task, after I have recovered from the recent hardships at work, which have fortunately just ended...

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#11237 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 16 July 2019 - 03:23 AM

OK, I couldn't sleep and so I had a go at it and I found it  :D


The attached recording shows it:



Don't watch the recording if you prefer to find the exit yourself, Andy! It's not difficult, to be honest, once you know you need to look for it somewhere in this room.


A more difficult task to perform, when time permits, will be to meditate on how that affects the most optimal route through the game... 


Anyway, thanks for this little mystery, Ian, and for leading us to the solution! :)  :thumbsup:

#11236 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 16 July 2019 - 03:04 AM

Thanks, Ian! :)


I will have to call it a night now, so finding the secret exit will have to wait until tomorrow. I just hope I'm not in for some nightmares tonight  :lol: .

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#11234 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 16 July 2019 - 02:58 AM

FIND SECRET EXIT - that's it, isn't it?  :D

#11229 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 16 July 2019 - 02:42 AM

It's getting like "Da Vinci's Code" or something  :o . Nice! :)


This tool finds 241 solutions to the anagram, but none seems satisfactory, although some are nice, like e.g. deft sex crinite or incised fer text. Most of them actually sound like some kind of quasi-Latin to me.


How come you are still online though at this time?

#11226 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 15 July 2019 - 09:29 PM

I think there's a teleport there once this message is on, and I think it leads to "I'm not sure anyone believes it?" and perhaps one other destination.


I hypothetise the teleportation happens once you step onto the red conveyors, when the message is on.


I have just tried checking this out (after deciphring the first part of the puzzle after giving it some thought after Ian's penultimate set of clues, without reading the solution), but I'm not sure what turns the message on. I thought it was collecting all of the items in this room, but apparently not, it must be something else (or something else in addition to the collection of items). 


EDIT: I've just checked, using my test RZX recording, with the message on. Teleportation doesn't happen...

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#11213 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 14 July 2019 - 03:04 PM

My replies are in green:



None of those things are what I have in mind Danny. But Andy has told me (in a PM) that he is going to have a look this weekend - it's a glaringly obvious thing and you'll kick yourself once it's been pointed out to you!

Hopefully once part one of the puzzle has been solved, you might feel intrigued enough to try to crack parts two and three...


Ian, does that mean that the puzzle is related to the things I haven't discovered about the game yet which make its completion faster?


If this is the case, it certainly increases my motivation to try and solve the puzzle, because it has a practical implication for the quality of the recording I am thinking of making :).

In terms of a RZX recording, I would urge you please to hold off for a little bit longer - your completion time (and enjoyment of the game) will benefit from it!


No problem, I will hold off and see how the "puzzle situation" develops ;).

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#11212 [File] Manic Mixup

Posted by jetsetdanny on 14 July 2019 - 02:59 PM

Yes, I downloaded the game "afresh" for playtesting. I always do it, out of convenience and also precisely to make sure I am using the latest version there is. So everything should be OK :).

#11207 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 14 July 2019 - 04:50 AM

I guess what I'm asking is that if you do record an efficient recording, then please let us know as I'd like to have a go at beating your timing before you submit to RZX Archive.  So it wouldn't cause too much of a delay between your making the recording and your submitting it (I'd just need to find the time to sit down and have a go at an efficient walkthrough myself).


I think this is one of the few occasions where I might have a snowball's chance in hell of beating your completion time (but only because of 'insider knowledge'!)






My idea, though, is that if I record an RZX walkthrough, it will be done in order to submit it to RZX Archive (now).


If you'd rather I didn't submit such a recording at this time (so as not to provide any spoilers for people who were not involved with the project), that's fine, I don't mind giving "the outsiders" some more time to solve the mysteries of the game (I think that once a whole year has passed since the release, I won't have any qualms about it, because those who may have been interested will have had enough time to have a go at the game).


If it is your preference not to submit the recording at this time, I will not be doing it for now. It can wait  :).



OK, almost two years have now passed since the release of Jet Set Mini, and I have no qualms about revealing any and all secrets of the game to anyone who may be interested.


Apparently, I don't know all the secrets yet, because Ian mentioned that he had a better completion time of the game than I did thanks to "insider's knowledge". So there are still things I haven't discovered.


In spite of this, I am planning to make a "decent" recording of the SE of the game and submit it to RZX Archive. "Decent" according to my standards, taking advantage of the secrets - and revealing them - if I manage to discover them, or perhaps less efficient if I don't.


I am giving you heads up, Ian, because if you want to submit your own recording (which quite likely may have a better completion time than mine will), you can still do it. It will take me a few days or more to record the game, and my JSW time tomorrow and in the next few days will be very limited.


If you submit a high-quality (as far as efficiency goes) recording to RZX Archive, I will have no reason to record the game and will desist from it.


If you don't, and/or I happen to submit the recording first, and then you produce a recording with a better completion time, I will be happy to host it (with a standard description giving you credit ) on JSW Central as "JSW Central Special", i.e. an RZX recording better than the one hosted on RZX Archive. This would be the first instance of such a "Special" being a recording by someone else than me, which would actually be a welcome development :) .

#11206 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 14 July 2019 - 04:31 AM

Anyway, the main thing that I wanted to bring up is this - I noticed that in one of Danny's screenshots for the game, there is something unusual on display (a deliberate feature) that no-one has noticed yet (or at least, no-one has commented on so far)... See if you can spot it:


I will have a look at the screenshots one day to see if I can spot what you mean, but it'll have to be after Manchester, because I am concentrating 100% now on updating JSW Central at the moment - I would like to bring it up to a certain "minimal acceptable level" ASAP  :).


OK, I've had a look at the screenshots and I'll give it a quick multiple try:


- The items in "Back Stairway"? (there seems to be something unusual about them)


- The airplane in "Banyan Tree Top"?


- The upper Fire cells in "Ballroom East"?  - They change colour from green to red and back to green and I believe they are harmless when green.


- "Kitchen's Cold Store" - the room becoming multicoloured when all the items have been collected.


- Multiple shapes of the items in "The Chapel"?



If none of these is the correct answer, I will not be trying to solve the puzzle any more. This is because to solve the puzzle you don't only have to know "Jet Set Mini" well, you also have to guess which particular feature among so many you have in mind, Ian, and to know what other people have or haven't commented on. Spending time on verifying this seems pointless to me with so many other JSW-things to do and so little time...