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#11846 "Jet Set Jason: In Roddënwald" (Alpha)

Posted by jetsetdanny on 27 March 2020 - 02:23 PM

Congratulations, Ian!  :thumbsup:


I was wrong on both accounts, then. Errare humanum est...  :)

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#11843 "Jet Set Jason: In Roddënwald" (Alpha)

Posted by jetsetdanny on 26 March 2020 - 08:28 PM

I just managed it by both methods (i.e. via the 'low route' and the 'high route').  Simples!   B)


The biggest problem I encountered was that the emulator crashed as soon as I loaded up the game file!  (That was in QAOP - but I then managed to get it working in SPIN.)


Do you mean you collected both items after entering the room from the left?


Can you make an RZX of it?

#11837 "Jet Set Jason: In Roddënwald" (Alpha)

Posted by jetsetdanny on 26 March 2020 - 06:03 PM

The tree trunk is just made of Water cells (not Earth), so no difficulty passing through it, surely?


Yes, but you've got Fire cells (leaves) placed so that you cannot make any meaningful jumps.


Oh, perhaps you think it's possible to jump up vertically inside the tree and then just walk along the branch, below the Fire cell.


Well, no, because if you jump up vertically starting from the ground level, the jumps will take you one row too high (or too low) to be able to walk on that branch.


And you can't adjust the height - by jumping from a distance to be only one row up at the bottom, and then do the regular vertical jumps - because there is not enough distance to jump from at the bottom.


Again - without trying it again - but I did spend a few minutes trying to do it when playtesting - I don't think it's possible to collect either item or cross the room after you have entered on the left. It's impossible to reach the right side of the tree (beyond the trunk) AFAICT.


Which makes it such a brilliant design - it seems that it should be possible, and yet it's not!  :o


If I'm right in what I'm saying, I would highly recommend leaving this design as it, it's really cunning!  :thumbsup:

#11834 "Jet Set Jason: In Roddënwald" (Alpha)

Posted by jetsetdanny on 26 March 2020 - 04:10 PM

From my point of view - *if* I am right that the items cannot be collected after you've entered the room from the left - I think it's fantastic design (of the left side of the room) and I would strongly suggest leaving it in place as is. The items are tantalisingly close - not being able to collect them is delightfully frustrating!  :thumbsup:


*If* the room is impossible to cross from right to left, this could also be left in place, as the player could either collect the items and exit to the right again, or exit upwards, if there is a room above.

#11831 "Jet Set Jason: In Roddënwald" (Alpha)

Posted by jetsetdanny on 26 March 2020 - 03:56 PM

Without looking back at my playtest or trying to play the room again, I confirm that I did mean from left to right, just as I wrote. I entered this screen on the left, exiting from the building, and could see no way to move to the right of the tree trunk, so to speak.


Looking at it right now in JSWED, I must admit the room is probably not passable from right to left, either. However, the items can surely be collected after entering from the right. 

#11822 "Jet Set Jason: In Roddënwald" (Alpha)

Posted by jetsetdanny on 26 March 2020 - 03:48 AM

Thanks for your comments on my comments, Fabián! I read them with interest. My replies are in green.



“The French Classroom” (094)

I guess I wanted to say that there is only an Eiffel Tower (the item) and many imitations (the Fire cells).


That makes sense!  :thumbsup: 



“Chapel of the Ladies of Sorrow” (100)


Above it? A classic "Promised land" (I think that's Andrew Broad's term for it).


I believe it will be "The Forbidden Holy Ground" in Andrew's terminology. "The Promised Land" would be if the player couldn't reach this area, which they can see of course, at this point in the game, but could reach it later e.g. coming into the room from another direction. I don't think this is the case here, I think this area is unreachable for the player, which would make it "The Forbidden Holy Ground"  :) .


Quite a lot of religious terminology there, come to think about it. That's probably because of our devotion for JSW  :lol: .


Did I miss any rooms in my playtest?


I did load the game into JSWED to see the room numbers, but I didn't use the editor to browse through the rooms or anything like this, so I wouldn't know if I missed something.

#11821 "Willy's New Mansion" Special Edition

Posted by jetsetdanny on 26 March 2020 - 03:37 AM

Thanks for playing the game, Fabián!  :)


I would recommend using Rollback or saving and reloading snapshots if something seems very difficult and IDS scenarios happen. It helps a lot and makes the experience pleasant rather than frustrating  ;) .

#11815 Vic20 Version - Perils

Posted by jetsetdanny on 24 March 2020 - 09:38 PM

Yes, yes, I know :).


Priorities evolve over time.


And I did leave a certain small margin for this. My message was:


The period of the Dark Ages will soon be over. As Ian mentioned, I intend to crack the mystery once “Madam Blavskja’s Carnival Macabre 48K Edition” has been released. Well, I have just promised Fabian in the other thread that playtesting “Jet Set Jason in Rodenwald” will be my first JSW-related activity afterwards, so I guess this may be the second one  ;).


The "may be" (highlighted in red only now) was a harbinger of the possible evolution of my priorities - which, in fact, has happened  :lol: .


An additional explanation: I revisited the subject a few weeks ago because I thought of enclosing information about the JSW128 cheat mode in MBCM 48K Readme (in the section which discusses differences between the original edition and the 48K Edition).


Now that the Readme is out of the door and my work on the MBCM48K project is over, that particular reason to pursue cracking the mystery has disappeared.

#11804 Vic20 Version - Perils

Posted by jetsetdanny on 23 March 2020 - 05:22 AM

A hot exchange of words on SC...

#11800 [File] JSW128vM

Posted by jetsetdanny on 20 March 2020 - 01:49 PM

Thanks, Andy! :)

#11793 Vic20 Version - Perils

Posted by jetsetdanny on 19 March 2020 - 10:50 PM

The game now has its individual page on JSW Central, with a complete screenshot gallery :).

#11792 [File] JSW128vM

Posted by jetsetdanny on 19 March 2020 - 10:45 PM

I merged the pages of JSW128VK and JSW128 VL on JSW Central and updated the new page with information about JSW128 VM. It became the page of Jet Set Willy in Altered Reality.


I tried to summarise the development of the game there concisely. Please let me know if any changes are in order.

#11791 "Jet Set Jason: In Roddënwald" (Alpha)

Posted by jetsetdanny on 19 March 2020 - 10:41 PM

Hi Fabián,  :)


My replies to your replies are in green below.



General comments

Thanks a lot for the time you have spent on playing the pre-alpha version. 


It was sheer pleasure! :)




The name of the school is Roddënwald; you are right. It looks like German, but it isn't German at all. "Jet Set Jason in Roddënwald" sounds great, so I think I'm using this title from now on.


Cool!  :thumbsup: 


Having given it some more thought, I think it may be quite cool when done on purpose: something which looks like some well-known language, but isn't.


It's like "Madam Blavskja", really. I think most people would agree "Blavskja" looks like a Slavic surname.


However, it's definitely not Polish - a Polish surname would end in -ska; it could be Bławatska (which I would perceive as coming from "bławatek", which means a cornflower [Centaurea cyanus]). It could also be "Bławska" in Polish, that would be a Polish-looking form, although it's not a common surname.


It's not Russian - a Russian surname would end in -ская, like Блаватская or Блавская.


It's not Czech or Slovak - a Czech or Slovak surname would end in -ová, like Blavsková.


I would risk a strong statement that it's not a typical surname in any of the Western or Eastern Slavic countries. I don't think any of the languages there has the "-skja" ending in female surnames.


It might be - and it's the only option I see - a Southern Slavic name, perhaps Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian or Slovenian. I am not familiar enough with these languages to know.


Or perhaps it's just like with Roddënwald seeming German - looking Slavic, but not Slavic at all...



I'm going to keep the capitalization convention to make it look "German". However, there are some rooms' names which I will have to revise.


Remind me at the very end of the process, once you have a release candidate ready, and I will look through all of the room names to check for any possible inconsistencies in relation with the "German" convention.



Level of difficulty

Your comments on the level of difficulty sound nice. I didn't really intended to make it harder that Afterlife, A Bulgarian Requiem or MBCM... I guess it ended being that way. Nevertheless, I will try to make puzzles easier and give more clues about teleports, etc... 


I believe it's definitely harder than any of your preceding games. Which might be as well...



“Dusty Main Hall of Roddenwald” (011 )

The "twinkling star" guardians are supposed to be dust glittering in the sunlight. Maybe it's not too clear...


I think there are many guardians that one cannot expect to be identified in the same way one identifies them. Even the guardians from the original "JSW" - there are various names for many of them on various websites, and then interviews with Matthew Smith shed some light on some of them from his perspective, and at times what he thought they were was very different from what some people thought they were.


The fact that it's not recognised uniformly does not take anything away from a good guardian, though :).



“Magnificence hides Depravity” (010)

There will be rooms below and rooms behind the walls, of course.


Good!  :thumbsup: 



“Ground Floor Students’ Lavatory” (005)

What do you mean by "intense"? I don't get what you mean to say...


Well, I guess I didn't mean anything specific with this comment, just meant it as a general compliment on the nice graphics in this room :).



“The Gymnasium – The back Door” (045)

The items are supposed to be basketballs (basketball balls?) Did I manage to make them look like that?


Yes, you did  :thumbsup: 



“What is left when Reality fails.” (000)

It's cool you like the guardians. They are supposed to be huge mascarons, like in this Wikipedia article...



I didn't realise what they were exactly, but it's really cool that they are mascarons  :D .

#11784 Willy versus the Coronavirus

Posted by jetsetdanny on 19 March 2020 - 02:18 PM

ZX Willy has been a bug slayer in the past :). Maybe it's time for "Antivir Willy: The Corona Slayer" or something like this  :lol: .

#11777 "Jet Set Jason: In Roddënwald" (Alpha)

Posted by jetsetdanny on 18 March 2020 - 02:04 PM

I am glad my comments may be useful for the development of the game, and I am looking forward to your reactions! :)