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#11226 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 15 July 2019 - 09:29 PM

I think there's a teleport there once this message is on, and I think it leads to "I'm not sure anyone believes it?" and perhaps one other destination.


I hypothetise the teleportation happens once you step onto the red conveyors, when the message is on.


I have just tried checking this out (after deciphring the first part of the puzzle after giving it some thought after Ian's penultimate set of clues, without reading the solution), but I'm not sure what turns the message on. I thought it was collecting all of the items in this room, but apparently not, it must be something else (or something else in addition to the collection of items). 


EDIT: I've just checked, using my test RZX recording, with the message on. Teleportation doesn't happen...

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#11213 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 14 July 2019 - 03:04 PM

My replies are in green:



None of those things are what I have in mind Danny. But Andy has told me (in a PM) that he is going to have a look this weekend - it's a glaringly obvious thing and you'll kick yourself once it's been pointed out to you!

Hopefully once part one of the puzzle has been solved, you might feel intrigued enough to try to crack parts two and three...


Ian, does that mean that the puzzle is related to the things I haven't discovered about the game yet which make its completion faster?


If this is the case, it certainly increases my motivation to try and solve the puzzle, because it has a practical implication for the quality of the recording I am thinking of making :).

In terms of a RZX recording, I would urge you please to hold off for a little bit longer - your completion time (and enjoyment of the game) will benefit from it!


No problem, I will hold off and see how the "puzzle situation" develops ;).

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#11212 [File] Manic Mixup

Posted by jetsetdanny on 14 July 2019 - 02:59 PM

Yes, I downloaded the game "afresh" for playtesting. I always do it, out of convenience and also precisely to make sure I am using the latest version there is. So everything should be OK :).

#11207 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 14 July 2019 - 04:50 AM

I guess what I'm asking is that if you do record an efficient recording, then please let us know as I'd like to have a go at beating your timing before you submit to RZX Archive.  So it wouldn't cause too much of a delay between your making the recording and your submitting it (I'd just need to find the time to sit down and have a go at an efficient walkthrough myself).


I think this is one of the few occasions where I might have a snowball's chance in hell of beating your completion time (but only because of 'insider knowledge'!)






My idea, though, is that if I record an RZX walkthrough, it will be done in order to submit it to RZX Archive (now).


If you'd rather I didn't submit such a recording at this time (so as not to provide any spoilers for people who were not involved with the project), that's fine, I don't mind giving "the outsiders" some more time to solve the mysteries of the game (I think that once a whole year has passed since the release, I won't have any qualms about it, because those who may have been interested will have had enough time to have a go at the game).


If it is your preference not to submit the recording at this time, I will not be doing it for now. It can wait  :).



OK, almost two years have now passed since the release of Jet Set Mini, and I have no qualms about revealing any and all secrets of the game to anyone who may be interested.


Apparently, I don't know all the secrets yet, because Ian mentioned that he had a better completion time of the game than I did thanks to "insider's knowledge". So there are still things I haven't discovered.


In spite of this, I am planning to make a "decent" recording of the SE of the game and submit it to RZX Archive. "Decent" according to my standards, taking advantage of the secrets - and revealing them - if I manage to discover them, or perhaps less efficient if I don't.


I am giving you heads up, Ian, because if you want to submit your own recording (which quite likely may have a better completion time than mine will), you can still do it. It will take me a few days or more to record the game, and my JSW time tomorrow and in the next few days will be very limited.


If you submit a high-quality (as far as efficiency goes) recording to RZX Archive, I will have no reason to record the game and will desist from it.


If you don't, and/or I happen to submit the recording first, and then you produce a recording with a better completion time, I will be happy to host it (with a standard description giving you credit ) on JSW Central as "JSW Central Special", i.e. an RZX recording better than the one hosted on RZX Archive. This would be the first instance of such a "Special" being a recording by someone else than me, which would actually be a welcome development :) .

#11206 [File] Jet Set Mini

Posted by jetsetdanny on 14 July 2019 - 04:31 AM

Anyway, the main thing that I wanted to bring up is this - I noticed that in one of Danny's screenshots for the game, there is something unusual on display (a deliberate feature) that no-one has noticed yet (or at least, no-one has commented on so far)... See if you can spot it:


I will have a look at the screenshots one day to see if I can spot what you mean, but it'll have to be after Manchester, because I am concentrating 100% now on updating JSW Central at the moment - I would like to bring it up to a certain "minimal acceptable level" ASAP  :).


OK, I've had a look at the screenshots and I'll give it a quick multiple try:


- The items in "Back Stairway"? (there seems to be something unusual about them)


- The airplane in "Banyan Tree Top"?


- The upper Fire cells in "Ballroom East"?  - They change colour from green to red and back to green and I believe they are harmless when green.


- "Kitchen's Cold Store" - the room becoming multicoloured when all the items have been collected.


- Multiple shapes of the items in "The Chapel"?



If none of these is the correct answer, I will not be trying to solve the puzzle any more. This is because to solve the puzzle you don't only have to know "Jet Set Mini" well, you also have to guess which particular feature among so many you have in mind, Ian, and to know what other people have or haven't commented on. Spending time on verifying this seems pointless to me with so many other JSW-things to do and so little time...

#11205 [File] Manic Mixup

Posted by jetsetdanny on 14 July 2019 - 04:11 AM

An RZX walkthrough of Manic Mixup can now be downloaded from RZX Archive.


The ZIP contains two recordings, one of the Slow version and one of the Fast version of the game.


I recorded the Slow version first and the Fast one second. I managed to improve my score on the Fast version marginally in relation to the Slow version. My score upon the second re-entrance to "Back in the Central Cavern" was 72,396 points (44,335 on the first re-entrance to the initial cavern). In the Slow version, the end results are, respectively: 72,252 and 44,142 points (all of this without any loss of life, of course).


I have to say that, playing the game some time after I last played it during the playtesting, I was very impressed by its technical quality and the innovations that Ian and Andy introduced in it. It was a pleasure to play - it's not too easy, it was challenging to press for a good score, also when re-recording the game (doing the Fast version). Congratulations on this fine game, guys!  :thumbsup:

#11180 [File] Jet Set Willy - The Mr Noseybonk Edition

Posted by jetsetdanny on 09 July 2019 - 03:46 AM

My replies are in green.


Did the project present any unprecedented problems because of the protagonist's prominent proboscis? (Collecting the item in The Chapel, perhaps?)


Only in the Chapel, I think. I had to use a different route that I normally would have done, because it is impossible to stand in one-character column on the far right to avoid the monster. So I had to climb up the ramp instead. But I don't think it added anything to the time needed to complete the game.


Out of interest, I wonder if, after completing the game, you pressed SHIFT+SPACE whilst still recording, in order to showcase (as part of the recording) the final passage of the Noseybonk theme, which is played during the Game Over routine?


No, I didn't.


I really enjoyed playing the Mr. Noseybonk Edition though :).

#11173 [File] Jet Set Willy - The Mr Noseybonk Edition

Posted by jetsetdanny on 07 July 2019 - 04:07 AM

I have recorded an RZX walkthrough of Jet Set Willy - The Mr Noseybonk Edition and submitted it to RZX Archive. It can be downloaded from here (alongside the other JSW variants I have submitted) or directly from here:


Attached File  jswnoseybonk.rzx   154.72KB   31 downloads


I  have completed the game without any loss of life at 8.00 a.m. in-game time, following my standard JSW route :).

#11172 [File] Manic Miner - The Big Bonus Edition

Posted by jetsetdanny on 07 July 2019 - 03:56 AM

My highest score so far: 360,940 , have .rzx to prove. Likely another player could potentially get quite a bit more than this.


Congratulations on your score, Andy! :)


I have created a JSW Central page for Manic Miner - The Big Bonus Edition. It is here.


Since you have submitted your recording to the RZX Archive and there is already a video of it, I have embedded the video on the JSW Central page.


I have managed to beat your score by over 30 000 points (achieving 392,690 points at the entrance back to "Central Cavern"), and I am hosting the recording of this walkthrough on JSW Central. I am curious if it would actually be possible to go over 400,000 points, without losing any lives, of course...

#11171 [File] Manic Miner: A ten-cavern challenge

Posted by jetsetdanny on 07 July 2019 - 03:46 AM

I have recorded RZX walkthroughs of all three variants of the game and submitted them to RZX Archive. They can be downloaded from here (alongside the other MM variants I have submitted) or directly from here:


Attached File  mmtencavernchallenge.zip   198.65KB   29 downloads


I did not capture the loading screen, but I did let the music play the whole title-screen tune in each recording before starting the actual gameplay :).


My scores, achieved without any loss of life, at the re-entrance to the first cavern, are:

Easy variant - 27518

Fair variant - 19061

Hard variant - 18705

This actually means that while there is a significant difference in the scores the player can achieve between the Easy variant and the other two variants, the difference between the Fair variant and the Hard variant - when playing using Rollback - is minimal. So the Hard version is probably not that hard after all...  :unsure: 

#11170 [File] Manic Miner - Highscore Challenge

Posted by jetsetdanny on 07 July 2019 - 03:28 AM

I have achieved 1715 points in "Eugene's Lair" :D . Please kindly update the high score table, Andy! :)


The complete set of my RZX recordings of MM caverns, including this latest one, can be downloaded right here:  


Attached File  'Manic_Miner'_Highscore_Challenge_-_D._Gromann.zip   384.25KB   29 downloads

#11154 Post number 10000!

Posted by jetsetdanny on 03 July 2019 - 12:19 AM

This is post number 11,000 :D . It's good to see this forum so alive!  :thumbsup:

#11153 [File] Manic Miner - The Big Bonus Edition

Posted by jetsetdanny on 03 July 2019 - 12:17 AM

Yes, a little belated "Happy Birthday Andy!" :)

#11079 JSW Central

Posted by jetsetdanny on 29 May 2019 - 12:36 PM

Yes, exactly, I used SPECSAISIE Compare function. It's a very useful tool, indeed! :)

#11077 JSW Central

Posted by jetsetdanny on 29 May 2019 - 01:57 AM

I am pleased to announce that I have just launched a significant update of JSW Central. The highlights:



- The panel on the left side has been modified. It now provides direct access to the various game categories.



- A new category of "Mini Games" has been added to the main list. It currently has four entries: Andrew Broad's Jet Set Willy - Super Pre-School Edition (moved from the "Versions of the original JSW" section), John Elliott's Jet Set Willy 2: Super Pre-School Edition (new entry), the DrUnKeN mAsTeR's Jet Set Bulimic (new entry) and Ian Rushforth's Jet Set Willy Heaven and Hell (new entry). Although I do have some qualms - ironically, a game classified as a version of the original JSW (i.e. not a new game) can easily have more new rooms than a mini game (i.e. a new game) - adding the mini games section has solved my problem of where to list the three entries which were not part of any list on the site previously.



- Individual Manic Miner game pages have been modified. They now feature download links presented in the same way as on the other pages, short text introductions to most games and embedded YouTube videos. The way they are now is more or less what I would ultimately want each individual game page on JSW Central to look like.



- Individual pages of "Versions of the original MM" and "Versions of the original JSW" have been modified as well, mainly in the download links sections.



- Currently all individual game pages feature links to those games' pages on World of Spectrum and/or Spectrum Computing, as well as maps on Speccy Screenshot Maps, RZX walkthroughs on RZX Archive and YouTube videos (and links to their homepages if pertinent). The videos will continue to be embedded as work on the site progresses.



- Download links have been rearranged. There are now download folders for games in each category. Each of them has a subfolder called "dgd" (Direct Game Download). Most of them also have subfolders called "oth" (Other Downloads) and some have subfolders called "cen" (which stands for JSW Central Downloads).


In the Direct Game Download folders there are game files only (no text files, maps, etc.). Ideally, I would like to have a TAP and a TZX file for each pertinent version of each game. In rare cases where providing the files in such format was impossible, they are in another format (usually SNA or Z80). In any case, every game listed on the site can be downloaded from those folders in one format or another.


In the Other Downloads folders there are typically original ZIP files in the actual shape their authors released them in (most of them with the Readmes and many with other additions). In some cases original individual release files have been packed into one ZIP file (where the author did not release a ZIP, but some individual files only). This section will still be developed, because I can provide more of the original ZIPs, but I have to look for them among my files or on the internet. 


In the JSW Central Downloads folders there are files which reflect my creative input of some kind, if I may say so, such as bug-fixed or finished versions of games I have prepared for JSW Central, or RZX walkthroughs showing superior performances to their equivalents hosted on RZX Archive (i.e. the best publically available solutions to some games).


There are links to those files on the individual game pages. Furthermore, these folders are not protected in any way, so anyone can browse the Download folder and grab anything they need / want. So, as Gawp (Gary Pearce) once said on his website (on the Games Archive page, which doesn't always open from the direct link), "Download Willy games like there's no tomorrow!" :)



- Some individual game pages have been modified:


After further scrutiny, Jet Set Willy 25-100 has been promoted to the "Advanced modifications of the original JSW" category.


The sole entry in the Jet Set Willy II category has been split into two entries: Jet Set Willy II [by Derrick P. Rowson, Software Projects, 1985] and Jet Set Willy II+ [Derrick P. Rowson, 2016] (Version +e.22, 2017). I believe this reflects the reality better than just one entry for these two vastly different versions of the game.


The two "Versions of the original JSW" pages dedicated to April Showers and Storm Warning Mix have been merged and are now a single entry (under the name Jet Set Willy: April Showers) as the comparison of their SNA files has confimed something I had long suspected: that there is no difference between them for the player. In fact, the only difference between them in the range of addresses #8000-#FFFF is at #FEBB - #FED3, i.e. in code unused by the game, where the leftover Tandy code that reads, "© Copyright 1982 by LSI" in the original JSW and, consequently, also in the April Showers version, has been modified to read "RUSS J & DARREN S - JSW! " in the Storm Warning Mix version.



- Chronology has been updated up to the present moment and some earlier entries (related to the creation of versions of the original MM and JSW) have been added.

I will continue to develop JSW Centralgradually, as the real-world distractions permit. Please support this effort by letting me know about any games that are missing from it, any errors you find there and any suggestions for improvement you might have! :)