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In Topic: ZX Spectrum VEGA - JSW 2 not working

05 September 2015 - 08:37 AM

Thank you for this info.


Could you please tell us exactly which "Willy spin-off games" struggle on the Vega? And what you mean exactly by "struggling"?


There are 3 basic types of JSW game engines in existence: the original one (48K, nowadays often referred to as JSW48) and John Elliott's engines developed from the original one: JSW128 and the more advanced JSW64, both 128K. Among the JSW48 game engines there are also modified variants, such as the so-called "Geoff-modes" (1 & 2) and "Erix1-mode".


I see no reason why a game using an unmodified JSW48 game engine should behave any differently on the Vega than the original JSW or Join The Jet-Set!. If the original JSW works fine, they should work fine too. I would not be equally sure concerning the modified JSW48 engines and the JSW128 and JSW64 engines, although I would give it a 99% probability that they should behave exactly as they do on emulators, i.e. work just fine. This said, I am not referring to the use of joystick, because I have no experience with it using emulation.


I keep a list of gamma-released MM and JSW games, cathegorised by the game engines they use, on JSW Central.

A few of the JSW spin-offs I've tried don't appear to load up correctly. I can't exactly remember which games now, but I remember one showing a loading screen, then locking up. Another shows a loading screen and then resets itself with the usual black square/white border flash, and then back to the original home screen (1982 Sinclair Research).


I must admit, it was nice to see that reboot again though. It immediately brought back endless memories of trying to load games, waiting patiently for 5 minutes before seeing that black and white flash.


I'd also give anything to see another `R Tape loading error' message too.....   :D

In Topic: The mysterious Room 47

25 August 2015 - 06:53 PM

Interesting. I have just discovered that yes, to the left of "[" is indeed Tree Root, but to the right of this room is Nomen Luni....


Here's the link - http://skoolkit.ca/d.../asm/61184.html

In Topic: The mysterious Room 47

25 August 2015 - 06:29 PM

Meanwhile... ;)


attachicon.gifud1.png attachicon.gifud2.png attachicon.gifud3.png


Bit crude I know but it only took a minute or two. That's using '47'


To keep the item count correct, the object on the far right of 'Tree Root' was removed and placed into 'Under The MegaTree'

Ahhh....nice. I like it. I'd still prefer the room to be called "["......which has reached legendary status over the years.


I recall Matthew Smith saying in an interview somewhere that you could jump into one of the unused rooms by accident, somewhere near the MegaTree, so he must be on about Room 47. I'm not sure how you can jump accidentally into the room though, other than the WRITETYPER poke, or the start room number poke.


I think the interview where he said this is in one of the Retro Gamer magazines.


And didn't YS magazine also recreate this room to `April Showers' and stuck it above The Beach?

In Topic: ZX Spectrum VEGA - JSW 2 not working

25 August 2015 - 05:36 PM



I've not really looked into the Vega much although I have read a few others thoughts on Facebook about it. :) It seemed to have a mixed reception.


Have you tried the 128K JSW2 ? Its the same game it just got some built in cheats, that might actually work better. The only reason its 128K only is simply as the 'menu' for the cheats (in game) could not go into the existing space (as there was none!)


What format does the Vega accept on its memory cards ?






You'll have to turn it into a .sna / .z80 or possibly a .tap , I'm assuming the Vega will accept a 128K file. I do not have a 'real' Kempston interface to check this though.

It reads TAP files. I'll give the 128k version a whirl, see if that is any better....

In Topic: The mysterious Room 47

25 August 2015 - 01:08 PM

Cheers guys. A room next to Tree Root would seem to be the logical conclusion.

I wonder why the exit from 47 takes you to Conservatory Roof?