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Alernative "First Landing" thoughts

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Posted 02 August 2017 - 03:48 PM

Well kind of...


I was looking earlier, and although the 'official fix' of moving said object to The Hall without a shape is OK it seems the more I think about it, a "quick fix" , as ideally a shape would of been in order too.


Thoughts then turned to simply moving it to the left and up a bit, so its sat at the top of the ramp, this way Willy cannot avoid an 'auto collect' moment no matter which side of Top Landing he falls from into First Landing. This way there's no need to give it a shape either as it won't be 'seen' normally.


I did try this quickly with success although manual pokes to 'DIY' it instead afterwards out of curiosity did not quite work for some reason, but I've not looked into that in any detail.


It would not be that different "in player mode" to the auto collect item in Swimming Pool even though that as we know is caused by the cell colours rather than its position. The collection is transparent (no pun intended!) to the player.


Just seems a little bit easier as this way its not possible to miss it, as can happen if Willy happens to be jumping over the guardian or arrow etc in The Hall and with bad luck he could in theory miss the object completely...



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