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JSW2 - BBC (tape) aka: 'cut down' version

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Posted 17 January 2017 - 06:33 PM

Although we have a topic covering JSW1 for the BBC Micro here and the electron version of JSW2 covered here I felt we needed a full selection of screenshots from this too.

This is the 'cut down' version that is more or less identical to the Electron version but a lot more colourful. A *lot* of the original mansion is missing to enable the majority of the 'space' rooms to fit. As per the Electron version the time starts at 7:00pm too but it advances so slowly a time limit should not be a great concern.


The 'full' version of JSW2 is here


There is no 'secret passage' in the space section nor cartography room. The Wine Cellar does not have a conveyor and the TripSwitch does not have a 'switch'.


Although I've named it 'tape' this is for simplicity to very easily distinguish between the two versions as the other one (the 'full' one) is really disc only unless you are able to load it all into sideways ram.


Disc Content:



Loading Title:



Title Screen:



The scrolling message reads as follows:


Jetset Willy II was written by Chris Robson.....
Jet Set Willy II was prepared by Tynesoft under licence from Software Projects and is copyright to Software Projects.....
You must guide Willy to collect all the items around the house before midnight so that Maria will let him go to bed......
Press SPACE to start the game



It also contains the (deliberate?) typo as per the Electron version too:



Game Over:

_gameover1.png _gameover2.png


Onwards with the screenshots:

Attached Thumbnails

  • alienate.png
  • ayeappen.png
  • banned.png
  • beammeupspotty.png
  • belfry.png
  • butlerspantry.png
  • captainslog.png
  • crypt.png
  • decapitare.png
  • defencesystem.png
  • dockingbay.png
  • downstairs.png
  • downtpit.png
  • dumbwaiter.png
  • etheltheaardvark.png
  • falloutshelter.png
  • flowerpowersource.png
  • footroom.png
  • galacticinvasion.png
  • garden.png
  • highwaytohell.png
  • hole.png
  • holtroad.png
  • incredible.png
  • inthedrains.png
  • intheground.png
  • intrathole.png
  • loonyjetset.png
  • macaronited.png
  • mainlift1.png
  • mainlift2.png
  • mainlift3.png
  • mariainspace.png
  • masterbedroom.png
  • megahill.png
  • megaron.png
  • moneybags.png
  • nasties.png
  • phaserpower.png
  • photontube.png
  • pitgearon.png
  • pottypotplant.png
  • rigormortis.png
  • rocketroom.png
  • seedyhole.png
  • sewerentrance.png
  • shipscomputer.png
  • shuttlebay.png
  • sickbay.png
  • skybluepink.png
  • someonelse.png
  • stardrive.png
  • starship.png
  • teleport.png
  • thebathroom.png
  • thedrive.png
  • thefrontdoor.png
  • theofflicence.png
  • theoutlet.png
  • thesecurityguard.png
  • thetroublewithtribblesis.png
  • thewinecellar.png
  • thezoo.png
  • tripswitch.png
  • underthedrive.png
  • watersupply.png
  • well1.png
  • well2.png
  • well3.png
  • willysbirdbath.png
  • willyslookout.png
  • wongasspillagetray.png

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Posted 27 January 2017 - 11:03 AM

Thanks for the info and all the screenshots, Andy! :)

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