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JSW2 - BBC (disc) aka: 'full' version

jsw2 bbc micro acorn

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#1 Spider


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Posted 17 January 2017 - 06:34 PM

Although we have a topic covering JSW1 for the BBC Micro here and the electron 'cut down' version of JSW2 covered here I felt we needed a full selection of screenshots from this too.
This is the 'full' disc version that closely mimics the Amstrad and Spectrum versions. The 'cut down' version is here


On some machines it will try to load it all into sideways ram, on others each 'section' of the mansion is loaded in as you play.


As far as I can determine the 'full load in one go' only works on the Master series as there's a deliberate check to determine machine type. I'm unable to at the moment "force feed" it into the Model B despite having a lot of sideways ram so I'd suspect its 'where' is being loaded that is the reason why its Master only for this. It may work on the B+ machine but I have not determined that yet.


The time starts at 7:00pm and advances very slowly.


The vast majority of the rooms found in the Spectrum and Amstrad version are present here with the noted exceptions of the cartography room and the 'Secret Passage' rooms.


Disc Content:



Loading Title:



Title Screen:



The scrolling message (identical between 'cut down' and 'full' versions) reads as follows:


Jetset Willy II was written by Chris Robson.....
Jet Set Willy II was prepared by Tynesoft under licence from Software Projects and is copyright to Software Projects.....
You must guide Willy to collect all the items around the house before midnight so that Maria will let him go to bed......
Press SPACE to start the game



The typo's present in the 'cut down' and Electron version are also present where said rooms are present in those versions too:


Coservatory Roof:



Dinking Vater:



Nomem Luni:



Onwards with the screenshots:

Attached Thumbnails

  • abitoftree.png
  • abovethewestbedroom.png
  • alienate.png
  • atthefootofthemegatree.png
  • ayeappen.png
  • backdoor.png
  • backstairway.png
  • ballroomeast.png
  • ballroomwest.png
  • banned.png
  • beammedownspotty.png
  • beammeupspotty.png
  • belfry.png
  • butlerspantry.png
  • captainslog.png
  • coldstore.png
  • crypt.png
  • cuckoosnest.png
  • decapitare.png
  • defencesystem.png
  • dockingbay.png
  • downstairs.png
  • downtpit.png
  • drjoneswillneverbelievethis.png
  • dumbwaiter.png
  • eastwallbase.png
  • emergencygenerator.png
  • entrancetohades.png
  • firstlanding.png
  • flowerpowersource.png
  • footroom.png
  • galacticinvasion.png
  • garden.png
  • halfwayuptheeastwall.png
  • highwaytohell.png
  • hole.png
  • holtroad.png
  • imsureiveseenthisbefore.png
  • incredible.png
  • insidethemegatrunk.png
  • inthedrains.png
  • intheground.png
  • intrathole.png
  • loonyjetset.png
  • mainlift.png
  • mainlift2.png
  • mainlift3.png
  • maraconited.png
  • mariainspace.png
  • masterbedroom.png
  • megahill.png
  • megaron.png
  • moneybags.png
  • nasties.png
  • onabranchoverthedrive.png
  • ontheroof.png
  • ontopofthehouse.png
  • orangery.png
  • outonalimb.png
  • phaserpower.png
  • photontube.png
  • pitgearon.png
  • pottypotplant.png
  • priestshole.png
  • rescueesmerelda.png
  • rigormortis.png
  • rocketroom.png
  • seedyhole.png
  • sewerentrance.png
  • shipscomputer.png
  • shuttlebay.png
  • sickbay.png
  • skybluepink.png
  • someoneelse.png
  • stardrive.png
  • starship.png
  • swimmingpool.png
  • teleport.png
  • theattic.png
  • thebanyantree.png
  • thebathroom.png
  • thebeach.png
  • thebow.png
  • thebridge.png
  • thechapel.png
  • thedrive.png
  • theforgottenabbey.png
  • thefrontdoor.png
  • thehall.png
  • thekitchen.png
  • thenightmareroom.png
  • theofflicence.png
  • theoutlet.png
  • thesecurityguard.png
  • thetroublewithtribblesis.png
  • thewinecellar.png
  • theyacht.png
  • thezoo.png
  • toolshed.png
  • toplanding.png
  • tothekitchensmainstairway.png
  • treeroot.png
  • treetop.png
  • tripswitch.png
  • underthedrive.png
  • underthemegatree.png
  • undertheroof.png
  • uponthebattlements.png
  • watchtower.png
  • watersupply.png
  • well1.png
  • wemustperformaquirkafleeg.png
  • westbedroom.png
  • westofkitchen.png
  • westwing.png
  • westwingroof.png
  • willysbirdbath.png
  • willyslookout.png
  • wongasspillagetray.png

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#2 jgharston



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Posted 24 January 2017 - 09:50 PM

I was looking at JSWII a couple of days ago before looking into the issue with the Foot/Barrel/Maria disappearing on the Master fixed version of JSW1, which is now fixed. I have an idea how to get JSWII to use sideways RAM regardless of machine, at the moment it only tests for its presence if it's already found that it's a Master. It should test for the SRAM presence before/instead of testing for the machine type.

#3 Spider


    DEC (HL)

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Posted 25 January 2017 - 07:03 PM

It does seem a bit better without the loading 'in game' if possible. I'd not really looked at it at all apart from forcing it to try to load into a B but it obviously was not having any of it. I've not tried on a B+ 128 yet though. I suspect its going to detect that as "not a Master" however.

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